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I don't think the sandwich was the deciding factor. I think that Atty's probably sick of having nothing but Rocket grunts for company. George looks better in comparison.
She looks like she's staring into the camera. Like she knows we're watching her. It's Mona Lisa-level eerie.
You know, I was just wondering... how do you have time for eating or sleeping when you post, like, a page a day between your 2-4 comics?
Naturally, later in the comic they will access the dream machine while he is awake. :P
Jack and "The Traveler." 'Cause, like, they're totally different people... or something.
This. Page. Is. Cool. I'm very curious at to how the story is going to tie together.
Hm... have we had color before?
I can't believe he smiled! I thought it was against his religion or summat.
Clearly they're hypnotic roses. But... wtf. That was a twist.
That girl has no luck on Valentine's Day.
Maybe he should take the thorns off before gifting them.
They will be colored red with his blood!
She must mean "different from the temple back home." Melody is such a terrible liar.
The "I don't get hot" comment a while ago makes sense now. I'm thinking ice/snow maiden too... It might explain her strange personality.
Clearly, he is treating her like a "gifts" girl when she is a "quality time" girl. This is only adding fuel to the fire... :(
I just realized, now that he's gone, that the bartender had creepy color-inverted eyes. I'm seriously concerned for Claude.
Sketchiest offer ever... get out of there!
Is he getting later and later each year? It's not the gifts, dude. If you spent less time choosing them and showed up on time, you'd be golden.
I really like the expressions on this page, especially the third panel and Neil in the first panel. :)
How long did she wait, to be so angry? 2,3 hours?