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A naked kid? Is this pedophilia?

LOL, kidding.
Heh heh... boobies... panties... legs... *drool*
Gah! Someone give that woman food! *hides under the bed*

Awesome entrance, though. XDDD
Oh, god...
Man... in girl's apron... *shudders and faints*

But her expressions are really cute. ^_^
Heh heh, I like her puzzled face. XD
*forsakes masculinity for a moment*

D'AWWWW!!!! <3 She adorable~!!!


Very cute. I like the dress, and the chibis in the background are a nice touch. :)
Bubbles! *chases them*
No offense, but Akitana IS straight, right...?
Bwaha! Faceplant is love, lol. XDD
Oooh! She's pretty... and so defenseless... *mind jumps to R-rated stuff, lol*
Well, as a guy, I can't exactly say that I think this dude is "hot" or "sexy", but he's definitely well-drawn. Good job! :)
What are you whining about?! It looks great! *jealous*
*first comment dance*
Two gorgeous gals...

Ah, yuri. So wonderful. :)