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As the previous co-author, i would definitely keep it up on SJ, but just like you I know i wouldn't continue to update it. So to preserve it I could hold on to it, but if somebody else is willing to continue it, It would be better to choose that individual.

Like Ultimate said about his comics, most of my contribution to this one was in helping with the framework of the script, not in making the actual comic.

hell, if someone does take over with the intent to continue, i may* help them in a similar fashion if they'd like.

*may being anywhere from a 17.38 to 81.96% chance determined randomly.
While I disagree with the need to eradicate the past in order to make way for a different future, it is your choice none the less. I did always look forward to some of the stories we worked on to come to fruition as unlikely as they were with life getting in the way. (hell, this is the first comment i made in 4 years and i cant even remember when i last worked on my own comic)

I am sorry to see you leave and will most likely observe your Youtube channel once it comes.

I would recommend uploading a a zip of your works on something like and place a link here and/or your deviantart to simplify the work for you. (if you prefer to send the works directly i would like a copy myself)
I have actually never thought about how his voice would sound until you said that... I can see it like that
I'm still waiting... and worried to see how a "killing time" pun will be enacted.
never run when you can slide. that's all the advice you will ever need.
There is always one in every mysterious group
that first reason is also my own personal reason for not celebrating. The biggest thing I do as far as celebrating is making sure I can sleep in that day.
>Ask her out.
>before burning, make sure opponent has neither fireproofing nor ninja training. If he doesn't, get directions by any means necessary. If he does, get directions by any means necessary.
>Suddenly remember your date was going to pick you up at your house.
well, since Cain and the rest of his family know of his immortality-ish-ness. They could still expect a call in a few years without much suprise. assuming he'd remember the phone number.
you do realize that his magic is the only thing keeping him alive from the lists of people who want to kill him. All this deal is doing is giving him a few more weeks if he doesn't lay low for a loooooong time.
>Consult Mini-map you just noticed for directions, while your at it look through your inventory you never knew about and your quest log you unknowingly written.
might not be a huge problem if he dies. Cain's dad might have a trick or two to fix that
for me personally, it is ALOT easier to point out flaws than good things about.. well just about anything.
>Tell Ninja to divide by zero and continue to Leafy Bar
Why do I always blank out when trying to think up comments...
I couldn't really decide between FF6 or Chrono Trigger for my favorite game. But since 05wheldomn used CT I might as well use the other.
bumped Zmanwarrior's page so check it out too.