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I'm a webadmin. Don't ask me comic questions about things I'm a co-author on. I make the site look pretty.
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@Darkhalo4321 -- and now I can't help but think Crow is gonna be voiced by Dante Basco...
Crow, bro, I can already see you trying to pick a fight with this guy.
Plz don't
Ah, a level head amongst the fanatics... Glad to see Atawn may have an ally.
A soft birb. :D
"Tell me everything."

"Everything. You've been told."
September 26th, 2011
Amante... I... I had a thought.

"I hope he doesn't become a problem.

...Otherwise, I might just have to eliminate him. *glint*"

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to more. :3
Ahh, the joys of breeding.

So rarely do I run into people who make fun of this little part of the games.
It was ESPECIALLY annoying when it came to trying to win contests in RSE, wasn't it? :|
Oh, sneaky! XD I see what Jazeki's talking about.

I can't wait to see what kind of treatment Ashley gets for this. Woooh, dude, you are gonna diiie.
I think he's only upset because they won't give him a free lapdance. >_>

They're not strippers! D: Amusing, but sad.
Oh my, Jazeki... XD

Maaaan~ Where the heck did Ashley get these girls?! |3
(Also, I hope they're just strippers. I hope.)
Oh boy, this is gonna be quite a party, huh? XD

I'm interested in seeing where this goes...
December 9th, 2010
Interesting name mistake...

明りand 光... :D Intentional~?
R-rebel nibs?! D:

...Well, either way, it looks good to me. I really love the expressions on their faces and how the eyes are just... Well. It's pretty clear who's afraid, anyway. :3

Hopefully you can replace those insolent nibs. XD
Aw, Neji. D:

I'm amazed you did it traditionally... I mean, wow. That's some dedication!
This looks really good! :D

There's one little thing that distracts me, though, and that's the font... It's aliased, so it looks really jagged in relation to the rest of the artwork.

Otherwise, great work~!