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I'm a webadmin. Don't ask me comic questions about things I'm a co-author on. I make the site look pretty.
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JASON, just because Robbie got less shitty for a short time doesn't mean you need to be his therapist or his mom or whatever
At the very least, we can definitely confirm that Russ knows Antonio, based on the slasher smile alone...
Bad decisions, bad results.
Remi once played Pokemon and assumed STAB was literal. That's not how this works.
Hi! Welcome to the first official update to this comic on Smackjeeves!

In case you weren't aware, this is a mirror of Linked that runs (mostly) concurrently to the comic updates over at The only real difference is that here, we're updating at noonish US-Eastern on Tuesdays, rather than midnight.

This comic is a part of the collective, Ink Drop Café. You can find a bunch of other comics there, too.
What I'm hearing is Terrance is...

A space case
Chobi looks just 'bout ready to bust out laughing from watching Kendo react. :'D
"Back up plan"? ROBBIE

The haircut must have affected his smoothness. New theory:
Robbie's gets his power from however much Suave he uses to wash his hair.
Ooph. Everyone but Jason knows about his curse at this point, eh?
I love Zanae. She's just wonderful. :D
Antonio, pls. You're drunk.

Also, what instance of "Aster No" is this. XD Even Jason's onboard that train....
Crow needs some anger management classes. And maybe some time with a therapist.

And a few days away from Sophie.

...Crow, dude. Are you becoming my new favorite? I think you are.
Sorry Ker.
I'm curious to know what Crow's "problem" is -- but y'know...

Belial, is that the best you can do? Taunt the guy who's definitely willing to get into pointless fights?
Crow, please. Please don't fall for the racist bait, pls
@Darkhalo4321 -- and now I can't help but think Crow is gonna be voiced by Dante Basco...
Crow, bro, I can already see you trying to pick a fight with this guy.
Plz don't
Ah, a level head amongst the fanatics... Glad to see Atawn may have an ally.
A soft birb. :D
"Tell me everything."

"Everything. You've been told."