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I'm a webadmin. Don't ask me comic questions about things I'm a co-author on. I make the site look pretty.
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I love Zanae. She's just wonderful. :D
Antonio, pls. You're drunk.

Also, what instance of "Aster No" is this. XD Even Jason's onboard that train....
Crow needs some anger management classes. And maybe some time with a therapist.

And a few days away from Sophie.

...Crow, dude. Are you becoming my new favorite? I think you are.
Sorry Ker.
I'm curious to know what Crow's "problem" is -- but y'know...

Belial, is that the best you can do? Taunt the guy who's definitely willing to get into pointless fights?
Crow, please. Please don't fall for the racist bait, pls
@Darkhalo4321 -- and now I can't help but think Crow is gonna be voiced by Dante Basco...
Crow, bro, I can already see you trying to pick a fight with this guy.
Plz don't
Ah, a level head amongst the fanatics... Glad to see Atawn may have an ally.
A soft birb. :D
"Tell me everything."

"Everything. You've been told."
September 26th, 2011
Amante... I... I had a thought.

"I hope he doesn't become a problem.

...Otherwise, I might just have to eliminate him. *glint*"

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to more. :3
Ahh, the joys of breeding.

So rarely do I run into people who make fun of this little part of the games.
It was ESPECIALLY annoying when it came to trying to win contests in RSE, wasn't it? :|
Oh, sneaky! XD I see what Jazeki's talking about.

I can't wait to see what kind of treatment Ashley gets for this. Woooh, dude, you are gonna diiie.
I think he's only upset because they won't give him a free lapdance. >_>

They're not strippers! D: Amusing, but sad.
Oh my, Jazeki... XD

Maaaan~ Where the heck did Ashley get these girls?! |3
(Also, I hope they're just strippers. I hope.)
Oh boy, this is gonna be quite a party, huh? XD

I'm interested in seeing where this goes...
December 9th, 2010
Interesting name mistake...

明りand 光... :D Intentional~?
R-rebel nibs?! D:

...Well, either way, it looks good to me. I really love the expressions on their faces and how the eyes are just... Well. It's pretty clear who's afraid, anyway. :3

Hopefully you can replace those insolent nibs. XD
Aw, Neji. D:

I'm amazed you did it traditionally... I mean, wow. That's some dedication!
This looks really good! :D

There's one little thing that distracts me, though, and that's the font... It's aliased, so it looks really jagged in relation to the rest of the artwork.

Otherwise, great work~!