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@Viper-X27: So can feudal lords and corrupt monarchs. :P
@Viper-X27: Personally I compare it to Galvatron killing Starscream. Only this time no ghost. :D
@Spar Elric: Cosmic tears are an all-powerful cheat item. B)
@stoffhimel: They met before and it didn't turn out well for Anthos. This is pretty much strike 3 and he's out.
@Viper-X27: Sadly TC is out of reach. But hey! Cal is going to claim his sword so this is the worst outcome! :D
@Viper-X27: All the better to show you how MAD he is!
@Viper-X27: Usually pissing them off tends to be the general idea. Europa is just dumb and does not know the right "time and place" for such things.
@Viper-X27: I think what TC means to ask him is "DO YOU BLEED?"
@Viper-X27: "She" and "Her" actually. Amalthea is a girl. The others say as much a few pages back even. :P
We both suck. I don't even like my comics anymore. ;w;
What does Finitevus need with a frankenstein? D:
@Viper-X27: He dunno nuffin! He's just a statue!

Also symbolic of how Atma secretly acts like he has to carry the world on his shoulders but you get the idea :P
@Viper-X27: That's the idea. :P
@Viper-X27: He is now...balanced.
@Viper-X27: Sadly Sawyer can neither henshin nor does he have wireless armor that he can summon like Tony Stark. :P
@Viper-X27: Worse. They're Realm Knight star destroyers with cathedrals built on top because 40k fanboys. :P
@Viper-X27: A very BARA sonic scream.
@Spar Elric: Is what I paid ya fer! :>
Lemington is good at smashing monsters, but can he make coffee?