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I'll Never Behave!
^.^ Wow that scene got interesting. ^.^; since when did Rachel lose respect for friend type peoples? Haha! Anyway, I likes the story still so you should start posting the comic again. ^.^ MORE COMICS!!! I NEEDS ME MORE COMICS!!!!
Perv ^.~
Somebody was thinking of hot sweaty chicks when drawing this. Bwahaha! I think it was Amy... Bwahaha!
Violence Rocks
^.^ I love the use of excessive violence! In comics, IRL... excessive violence against friends is fun.
Looks like someone ran out of Jase-hair-orange marker. ^.~
Anyone Got A Spare Straw?
...If I was going to copy and paste advice, I would at least delete the original posted date...

^.^ Bwahaha! About time Rachel punched something, I'm glad it was Jase. ^.^ I think I see a little bit of blood in that spittle. ^.~

...Yes, I edited my post. I do believe others who posted after me said it much better than I did. ^.^ Thanks!
I do believe I am going to like this Amy Character. I also like how Age smirks in the last panel. ^.^ Old married couple indeed!
'Cause it's true
She shrugs because it's true. Chicks shower for a long time, it is a fact and there is no more to say. *laughs* Good times ditching people! I like the angry shouting frame.
I like how the people seem to have more movement. The swishing of Rachel's hair and showing Jase's torso and folded arms is really helping the movement aspect.

^.^ I am really enjoy the story so far. Keep it up!
15 pets eh? Sounds like fun! A question that may be on the readers mind is: Who is Lady Gaia?
Spaz Cat
I really liked the way Rachel's hair transitions in the second frame. It looks almost like it's melting into the next color. The close up of the really angry Jase makes me smile as well. ^.^ His eyes have popping vanes...Kitty *giggle*
I enjoy the frame that shows the back of CP. Makes him almost look like one of those hard-boiled detectives.

Oh! Jase swore! Lets see, that is the first swear word in 5 comic postings. ^.^ Congratulations on the new record! ...I'm just pulling your leg.

As you promised, the comics seem to be getting better and making more sense lately. However, that may just be because I know more of the back story now. Possibly some feedback from someone who does not know the back story would be productive.
I do believe, derrek,that your grammer, spelling, and punctuation need more work. Your sentence should look more like:
You have too many characters. it would make more sense to have more storyline and then add characters as it goes along. I do not like your style.

That or you could just wait. I do believe that it was stated in a previous posting (2 comics ago) by the aurthor that the comics will be getting better. You must wait more than two comic postings to see significant results.

Anyway, I am still very enjoying the comic myself. A promise of more regular updates and more storyline only gets me more excited to see what happens next!
What ga fork indeed! If only we could explode the heads of those who deserve it. I do love all of the expressions used in this one, I think it makes it that much more entertaining.
Gorilla Cookies...
I believe the cookie dough sounds good but... I would have to say the friendless face would make it just about as appetizing as the 'cauliflower' from the 9th grade health class videos.