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Well I like to draw of course, but my other intrest include Animes, Yugioh Cards, and well other things....I am a man of many intrests...but I am mostly into stuff like Yugioh, Digimon, and Naruto. I also talk alot....I have that issue....I also spazz out when I see something cool....I have that issue too. No SJ Friends either......T^T
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    Kai W.
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I support this list
These things are always on my mind and I try to make sure I can fulfill them by bettering myself.
UMPH!! <3
This story, the multi-paged updates, sweet ecstasy!! *mashes the Fav button to death*
Nuuuuuuu too short. I thought it's turn into something like Sprited Away and she'd like have to turn into an ambassador for the human world to rescue her kidnapped friend Elias with the help of a love interest and this gluey thing with the mask...! *breathes heavily* o3o

Anyway I loved this story though xP
When you see a nice lab with cool Pokemon-
-Do the Creep~!

Silver is a certified Creeper. I love what you did there. Hurhurhur~ =u=
February 13th, 2014
Me and this thing would fight lol
Go and teach her a lesson! Don't like her at all, but I am enjoying the story.
Never would of thought to use Reflect like that. The Originality of this comic reminds me of Pokemon Adventures.
Nice Comic
The artwork is amazing for Watercolor. The story is very original and nice, though the combination of dark and comic relief leaves a weird flavor in my mouth. Also I personally don't like any of the characters, except for Swann, the Beedrill, and the Sanshrew. Including the MC, everyone else I can do without. However I can tell I love Bimm already.
Pretty Interesting
I like it. What did you make this in?
Page 1 and i'm loving it like McDonald's~
an update
Getting back in the mood...
Just drawing a little so I can get back in the mood of continuing this
Sorry about all the cards, I'm trying to get back in the mood of continuing this
Why u so dark bro??? Lol
I lol'd at the first 2, but the last crossed the line, I made the same face as Ray D,=
Orochimaru's spawn?
Uhh... she looks nice? and Kind I guess...
You stole my Manga name and Time skip amount!!
Jk, i'm sure it's just an interesting Coincidence. This looks promising, can't wait to read.
Coil ftw
Run Pi run! Wait- nvm. lol
Henry Pea
Has a Nice ring to it XD Compromise a bit :3