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I like things that are great, and dislike things that are not so great.

Come check out Half Assed Chaos if you're in the mood for a cheap ass laugh, or a hearty giggle. Don't worry, we don't judge.*

*We are constantly judging you.
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There will be some moments that will just melt your heart in the most amazing ways.

Yesterday while dropping off our oldest my youngest daughter, 2 1/2, took our dogs leash and started running home yelling "Run with me Echo", and my heart just melted.

There are hard times, hella hard times, but moments like those make everything worth it.
Yaaay Congrats! As a father of two girls, they're great little cute tornadoes of chaos!

I remember coming out of our first ultrasound where we found out and just sitting in the waiting room looking at the pictures and crying. I'm so happy for you!
As for the name, try not to stress out too much about it. Good chance you'll just be riding along one day and something will pop into your head, and you'll be like..."Wow, I really like that." At least that's how it was with me and my wife while we were deciding names for our daughters.

Everything you're doing is perfect for the baby, and you both are going to make awesome parents when he/she is here.
What kind of plant are you growing?
It does. Both my wife and my good friend got terrible morning sickness, but it does go away.
Cooking isn't just following a recipe, it's an art and it takes practice.

To properly follow directions you need to know the terminology and even then you have to go by experience and taste.

I've gotten really into cooking over the last couple of years, and it takes a lot of practice to get good, just like anything else. But you can do it!

Watch some old episodes of Good Eats with Alton Brown. He doesn't just give you recipes, he goes into how you make them, and the science behind why things happen the way they do. It really kicked off my love of cooking and gave me a whole new appreciation for it.
And then they pick up every acorn and cute rock they see and need to take it home and you accumulate massive amounts of small rocks and acorns.

So many.
Congrats! You both are going to make awesome parents!

If you need any tips or have any questions just reach out! I'm learning with two young girls myself and every day is a new adventure!
Yeah, it's kinda what takes passion away from an interest and turns into a chore.

Don't let it happen to you Falconer. There is beauty in balance. Just because you don't spend all your time on something doesn't mean you're doing nothing in it. Follow your heart, and take care of yourself and your loved ones. The rest will follow.
Hah, binged it this weekend also. It's so great, and feel the same way. Just made me happy.
@Falconer: So I'm not sure what you have around you, but maybe try to look up if there is friendly neighborhood gaming and comic store around you. Board games, not video games.

A lot of them either have weekly D&D nights that are open to the public or board game nights that are open as well.

I've met some great people at my local game shop and have learned some great games, and I get to scratch my Dungeon Master itch every now and then as well.

If you don't know how to play but have been interested don't worry. Most of the meetups are designed to help teach people the game, so they should be used to new players coming in. Honestly my favorite part about it is showing new people how to create characters and trying to give them their moment in the spotlight!

***This comes with a heavy BUT! As we all know, nerds can also be super duper asshats. If you find that this is the case or the people are toxic, just look someplace else. But a majority of people I've met have been incredibly nice.
Really like this, gives an ethereal vibe. Slightly eerie, but beautiful at the same time.
Haha, this is how my whole party reacted when I had to queue up Aurum Vale for the story a little while ago.

It's such a great game though. Love White Mage.
@pixlyJolt: Sign up for an absentee ballot then next time. Very simple to do, you can get everything online, and then you just mail in your votes.

Haha! Just saw on your profile that you're 13! Nevermind!

Good info to have anyway though, never think you don't have enough time!
Aw yeah, Bearglove smells great! And is super not a manly scent, but it is delightful.
Hollow Knight is so amazing, it's just absolutely beautiful.
I'm sorry, I know each year this time of the year is particularly hard for you.

But your mom lives on in you, and someday you will get celebrate again. (But you will be able to get all the cards, gifts, and pampering.)

Stay strong and try to remember the good times.
Haaave you been watching Aggretsuko? Cause these faces are telling me super yes.