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I like things that are great, and dislike things that are not so great.

Come check out Half Assed Chaos if you're in the mood for a cheap ass laugh, or a hearty giggle. Don't worry, we don't judge.*

*We are constantly judging you.
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Haha, this is how my whole party reacted when I had to queue up Aurum Vale for the story a little while ago.

It's such a great game though. Love White Mage.
@pixlyJolt: Sign up for an absentee ballot then next time. Very simple to do, you can get everything online, and then you just mail in your votes.

Haha! Just saw on your profile that you're 13! Nevermind!

Good info to have anyway though, never think you don't have enough time!
Aw yeah, Bearglove smells great! And is super not a manly scent, but it is delightful.
Hollow Knight is so amazing, it's just absolutely beautiful.
I'm sorry, I know each year this time of the year is particularly hard for you.

But your mom lives on in you, and someday you will get celebrate again. (But you will be able to get all the cards, gifts, and pampering.)

Stay strong and try to remember the good times.
Haaave you been watching Aggretsuko? Cause these faces are telling me super yes.
This is the thing of nightmares.
Been here, daughter was helping me make pancakes and got a bit too excited with stirring/toddler smashing it.
@Falconer: Yeah it's great, and I've been reading your comics for awhile so I know you're going to make a great mommy one day!

Real talk though, before you start even trying, get a budget together. Price out childcare in your area if both of you are planning on working and make sure you're not only mentally ready but financially as well. It's very important and is going to save you a lot of stress, not only in life but in your relationship as well. It's a big change and adding money woes on top of it can really hurt.

But again, so worth it in the end. My one year old just got the hang of walking this weekend. I missed my first daughter learning because I was working crazy hours at the time, but it's magical. I know you two are going to do great, it looks like you both have good heads on your shoulders and support each other enough to overcome any obstacle. I'll be rootin for ya when the day comes, not to mention looking forward to enjoying the pregnancy dailies. :P
It's a big change, but totally worth it. Though I will say the six months of not sleeping because of anxiety after the first one wasn't really a treat.

You just gotta remember that babies are pretty tough, and the worst probably won't happen. Just give the little one lots of love and enjoy all the moments, good and bad. Even the bad times you will look back fondly on. My oldest is almost four and my youngest is turning one next week, still get teary eyed rocking the youngest to sleep when she's crabby and remembering doing the same to my oldest.
I'm truly glad I could add so much joy to your life. Keep the dreams alive man.
That's the best part!!!

Pssst...What game?
@Falconer: Haha, yeah it takes awhile to get over the initial wall. But if you or your husband do try to jump in I think there are a few members around SJ that will be forming some hunting groups and are generally very open to trying to teach new people the ropes. Happy 2018 and hope you had a lovely holiday!
@Falconer: Congrats! Who was your favorite Monster?

Also if you interested in the MH universe, Monster Hunter World comes out later this year. It's not like Story, but it's going to be a great game if you like challenging boss battles and fun worlds!
It was fun while it lasted! Best of luck to you in the rest of your endeavors Jazeki!
@Falconer: Yeah it's sad that it went through such production hell, because the story is absolutely beautiful. Just, presented rough.
@Falconer: I'm hoping it does, unless something terrible happens to sweet Tora. In which case it will be unforgivable!!!

Speaking of games whose endings make you cry, you should try out Final Fantasy XV. I was freaking bawling through the entire end credits. My wife came downstairs after I finished and just gave me this, "what in the world are you doing" look.
Love Monster Hunter Stories. Taking my beautiful Yian Kut-Ku all the way! More like Yian Cute-Ku, little fire chicken.

Xenoblade 2 is also amazing! So addicted to getting Waifu Blades. Only on Chapter 4, but it's just too fun exploring the world of Xenoblade games!
Congrats on landing a new job! It can be hectic but I hope it leads to helping you have an even better more awesome life!