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I like things that are great, and dislike things that are not so great.

Come check out Half Assed Chaos if you're in the mood for a cheap ass laugh, or a hearty giggle. Don't worry, we don't judge.*

*We are constantly judging you.
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Congrats on landing a new job! It can be hectic but I hope it leads to helping you have an even better more awesome life!
Absolutely love reading these in everyones voices. Gah, they are all such great characters.
(Snap) That's it! I've come up with a new recipeeah.
@H0lyhandgrenade: Agree 100%. Mystery heroes is what made me fall in love with the game during the beta and it's great to see them back!

The extra loot boxes for winning is a great touch too, they have really been listening to the community and adding a lot of what we want.
What are your thoughts on new vs modes? I've been having a blast with 3v3!
Halloween Costumes!!!!!!!!

Sorry, sorry...I'm sorry......sorry.
Had a lot of luck getting the limited skins. Both Tracer, a Zarya, Lucio, and my favorite of them all Super USA McCree.

The summer games were so fun!
Sorry, sorry....I'm sorry......sorry
This is much nicer than spamming "I NEEDZ HEALZ" from behind the enemies line. Ah, it's fun playing support.

Really glad you're posting this stuff here H0ly, saw the first one up on the Overwatch Reddit and thought it was cool you were doing it. Keep up the great work!
As a dad, I assure you, children are fricken awesome. Sure they can be a annoying sometimes, but none of that matters with how amazing it makes you feel and how much love you share.

Of course make sure you're in a good place first, rushing into such a big life decision can turn something amazing, into something unmanageable.
Me and my wife sing this book to my daughter all the time. It's adorable!
Blah, that's a pain in the ass Falconer, I'm so sorry that you have to go through that kind of bull.

I hope it helps you out though, sometimes it just makes a world of difference talking things through. You know your fans are here for you though!
Haha, It was certainly a surprise seeing this pop back up on my recently updated feed.
You do your thang guuuuurl.
Gotta love QT, really friendly staff and always have the best gas prices in town.

It's funny, as I went through your back log I kept thinking, man this sounds like my town. Then you mentioned St. Louis awhile back and I was like, Holy Crapballs!

May we spread toasted ravioli from sea to shining sea.
Psssst, need a Fake ID? I got the good stuff, fully legit. No one can tell the difference...
Normally I would wait for all the entries to go up before writing, but I'm about to leave the country and not have internet for awhile, so might as well do it now.

Merry Christmas Falconer! I hope you enjoy this, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday and an amazing New Year.

I'm a huge fan of your work and can't wait to see what comes in 2014!
It's Beautifuuuuuul!
Thank You Secret Santa! I Love it!!!

Guiding those reindeer one handed, yeah, yeah, skillz! Flexin out, abs rippling under that coat, mnnn yeah.

Thank you Secret Santa!
Really awesome colors. It's quite beautiful.