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Someday I will draw a comic and it will be horrible and poorly written but I will try.
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Willa's lil blush is adorable
I marathoned this recently and am frothing at the mouth for more. I hope you get a reprieve from work and the itch to make a new page!
I approve of everything in this image so much
And this is the page i finally catch up on. Magnificent work :)
@Mr.Grin: Nice catch :D
i must say I am glad. It fits Attys character better and I didn't particularly like George all that much as a person (although she functioned perfectly within the story)
Hercules reference? Excellent.
I really dig this digital look. It is a pleasant changeup :) Also super easy to colour if you are bored on a Friday afternoon.
I only just got the shark one 0_0

Everyone has summed up about how lovely and emotive this story arc is, but can I say how much I love the art styles. All these classic or purely interesting styles are executed gorgeously. I love the big contorting faces too, it gives it this lovely realistic and fleshed out feel. Additionally its a nice break from the usual style so it freshens the whole thing up :D
Oh god im stealing all those jokes =D
These comics are so damn adorable :>
Was the photo ever used as blackmail in the end ahaha? =D
This page is absolutely lovely. The setup of the comic.. thingy (the background and jazz) goes so well with it =D
Oh man im so glad this is updating again! I really want to know if the lil critter survives =)
Thats a valid excuse! I feel and smashed my arm up when I was learning to ride :D
I just read the start in neo and boy was I surprised to see the comic here :) Interesting characters, I think ill read moar ;)
March 30th, 2011
Im absolutely loving this comic. The expressions are hilarious and its full of so much energy. And most importantly its entertaining, I am definitely looking forward to more pages Boss!
Oh man the close-up reveals what I was terrified to be true. Starving, ingrown collar and maggots. It looks like he's been there a long time if hes that malnourished. I can see that the blood on the claws is very old but I notice on the left thumb there is fresh blood. I reeeealy hope it hasnt hurt itself trying to get the collar off.

Fingers crossed that the little fella/lass survives. Bless the little zangoose for how he reacted <3
Oh don't worry the situation can still end well my neko friend. It could be a George Michael indent and instead of wanting to be your girlfriend your fans just want to be your 'gay best friend' instead *laughs*
Simon is just so hilarious in this strip, he's got some real character to him.

And I absolutely love how him and his dad interact, hehehe, he gets lugged around like a monkey (so I guess it suits becausse he a cheeky litte beggar)