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The original design for Gannon has changed drastically over the years. He used to be an ORC like creature, or a hog. Play the original games, watch the cartoon series.

It wasn't until the N64 version that they even started to introduce a more humanized version of Gannon.

You are right, there is only one Gannon, in EACH universe designed for him. There are effectively INFINITE Gannons in INFINITE Universes.
hahaha that is so funny. No, wait, I mean.. You took way too damn long to update. Update more.
Come on, at least try to stay true to the characters. There simply isn't a single one Gannon. Most Legend of Zelda games are independent of the other games. There is a handful of direct sequels, that make it painfully clear they are sequels.

Besides that, all of the other Legend of Zelda games are in their own separate universe, with their own separate versions of Link, Gannon and Princess Zelda. That is why they get away with changing how their characters look so often.

Gannon is indeed kill-able. He has been killed a few times now.
Actually you are wrong
Actually the author of the Zelda franchise has made it perfectly clear that most Zelda games (besides direct sequels) are actually alternative worlds all based around the same game (Kind of like Final Fantasy). So the Gannon from Zelda 64, is NOT the same Gannon from Wind Waker, nor is the Gannon from Twilight Princess directly related to the other Gannons.
Depends on what game you are playing. In the original Legend of Zelda on the NES both arrows and sword are required to destroy Gannon, if you didn't have both, you were screwed.

You had to fight him with your sword, and kick the snot out of him, and then hit him with a single arrow.