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I am a young man who loves to draw manga and is a good friend of Just Sven. We are aspiring manga artists and will do what ever it takes to get to the top. I hope to share my creations with you so that you may enjoy them! Over and out!
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is the dad a cross dresser
awsome comic hey btw what happend to publishing dream catchers
wtf not cool....why are you copying haruhi suzumiya? you suck ass
you suck ass! your art is shit!
When Shin Akuma comes to a new school in Natoko, Japan, a new founded city, he finds that things are not normal and he may be the salvation of them all. He just may be as someone say the devil...the good devil. He has a choice to make: Destroy the lives of others to salvage his self or sacrifice his life for the safty of not Japan but the world.

This is an A.F.F.A. or Anime Free For All...all you need to know is anime and your in!
Rules are explained for making the students of mishiranu High on the first page...
Hello I hope this message gets to you but i am making a comic yet you see my art is well okay and i have to work on I was wondering if you may please help....I've asked lots and lots of authors but they turned me down and now i look towards you...please help me make the comic, I really need an email is
hey bud it me why dont you check out the pm's i sent you....
December 23rd, 2009
ima gonna fav this but can ya tell me how to shade cuz my comics are okay but....
Listen Up!
Hey ive been gone for a while and I hope all my fans and new see this but im returning with an all new comic and improved manga(im working on how to make it smaller so...), the name is Fantaventures V so come check it out
when im done here is a preveiw of what the art looks like.
i find it amusing the you have 666 fans lol watch out lol
November 20th, 2009
eh i see why american and anime style dont mix.... but i faved this cuz im a hugh fan of Xenosaga!!!!
Yeaa you drew Rinoa relly good. I hope you add her in the main story cause' she is my second favorite charater in fiction ever. My number one favorite is Shion from Xenosaga and the the way she looks in Xenosaga 3.
June 8th, 2009
You could not do manga if your life depended on it...
I have FIVE pages and an awsome filler!
this is an alterntite unverse right? plz make it an alternite... The old Strait Ren was better.
with what kind of pen do you use to draw