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Bluh :I
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This is such a beautiful comic!
I think I might know where this is going, and I suspected it as soon as they began to have any sort of relationship at all ._. of course, I could just be wrong
George: How did you get so awesome? And, this part isn't a question, but you're awesome.

DT: Do you still love your trainer, even though he threw you out to fight by yourself, and he didn't even know that much about you? And, if you could talk, what would you say to Atty?

Atty: I have no question for you, but...good luck with whatever it is you're doing. :T
This comic is awesome.
Too awesome for an exclaimation mark. Faving this. NOW.
...I want someone to ask me out like that...
To be honest, I like libraries and hate them at the same time. I love when they have computers, but hate when they have people. I'd be fine if you just gave me a huge library with shelves and shelves of books and no people. I like to go through the shelves and pretend ^^" cause I'm a weird little child.
XD it IS fun being weird.
April 21st, 2011
I wish this would update ._.
Uh, why /is/ it illegal? Either that's just a joke, or it's illegal because Jock is, like, an adult and that girl is in high school or something...
March 13th, 2011
I didn't get to watch this one ;~; but I was there to read the comments in the chat XD
X3 Ollie as a girl is so...X3 WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS
idk why, but I love this page most of all~ and I wanna be Sergio now XD

But I love Nilus' outfit <.<
YES DO THE SIDE STORY O3O I don't think I'd be able to buy it, but other people will :P
you know, when I first saw that...I thought it said SHOVEL XD I feel stupid now...

and SIMON AUGH SO ADORABLE~~~ Sergio, too, but Simon...AUGH XD he's just awesome in, like, every way
:I my dad said this Disney World 8D guess the happiest place on earth can get too happy, eh?
I'm still going to keep this on my favorites~ it'll be there so I can reread it to my heart's content.
oh, don't worry about my list XD I have 5 pages of favorites and the majority of them have started updating again so XD I'm glad to see you're updating so much~

and you are awesome, much better than I am. I'd be so embarrassed to draw the stuff you do >///< yes, even to DRAW it, let alone put it online. You're a very brave, awesome person~ Keep doing what you do :D and let yourself be your own motivation~
XD Mama's the best~ I want her as my mom~

XD Shiratori's so flustered~ And I'm fine with not seeing Daddy XD I think I've got a few good clues as to his personality, and I can only guess what he looks like

you have to make a sequel or SOMETHING D:> because if you don't, I will eat you :I
1500? damn, this comic needs more fans...congratz on reaching that many, though~♥
you know, I saw this page, then voted, then thought "Ollie's awesome, he should stop--" I was about to say 'hanging out with Clinton' but then I came back to this page, saw his face, and said "oh yeah..." Then I was sad D:

edit: I feel so bad for him D:> poor Ollie *offers cookie*