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I don't draw my own comics, this account is purely for commenting and keeping track of the comics I read on here :)
Gosh I love your style so much X3 It's even cuter and better looking in colour.

Keep up the awesome pages :) I can't wait to see how they get out of that firespin.
Oh god my mind went straight to the gutter in the last panel XD

I know what I put MY dittos in the day care for... >_>
Great to see that you're back! :D

I look forward to more updates! ^^
Are those Eevee feet I see in the last panel? :3

And thanks for the update!
The expressions on this page are awesome :D

Also I'm really loving the extra fuzzy Doduo lol XD
Yay another update :D

And I think 'that ditto' is better than 'it' :3
Although I forgot that Dittos are genderless and thought it was a 'he' lol XD
Awwww the last panel is such a cute shot of those two X3

But now I'm dreading Patch's trainer coming back and seperating them DX Nuuuu
@Tailsgod: Ah but if Futurama has taught me anything, it's that Neutrality is just a fancier way of saying 'evil' XD
Lol the old dragon is adorable XD

Thanks for the update :) It's great to see the comic active :D
Lol I don't celebrate thanks giving but I do give thanks for school finishing up for the year XD Ah sweet sweet freedom!
Congratz for your webcomic getting recognized :)

I'll definitely check out that site for future updates! :D
Nawwww that Ditto is so cute X3
Loving the updates too :)

And don't worry about losing fans, or the number of fans you have overall. I love this comic and as long as you enjoy making it there will always be people who enjoy reading it! :D
@Hero of Comedy: Green hair? XD
Hurray an update X3 I've missed this comic, it's great to see you back :)

Sorry things have been tough for you though D: I hope things get better in the future!
October 16th, 2011
I wonder if the pony-tail will make him lose it? XD
October 3rd, 2011
Dont worry about delayed pages :) It's always worth the wait :D
September 24th, 2011
Pfft only girl characters faint when their entire perception of the world is questioned :P

What a wuss XD jks
That's one scary pokemon O_o
Makes sense though XD It is a dark type after all :P
September 16th, 2011
@LostPens: 'PETA on crack' XD I like that :3
Thanks for the awesome update :) Keep 'em coming! :D