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Sort of restarting myself at this website. I only commit to projects that enjoy me.

Addicted to movies, video games, and anything quicker than making sprite comics.
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    Formerly 'CS'
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...there are Four Doors behind you
Howdy folks

It has been some time since I have been by Smack Jeeves. Partly from finding other hobbies but my absence from the site was largely fueled by a hard drive failure over a year and a half ago. As I had no backups I lost all of my original spriting resources, included what went into Shy Guy's Toy Box. Out of all my webcomic concepts Toy Box was my favorite, building an organic world of Shy Guy's based off of my favorite Paper Mario chapter, the fun built with other author participation in the form of OC cameos.

It's an idea I've come to restart recently. But there-in lies the rub: it would take too much work to recreate all of my sprite resources. So Shy Guy's Toybox isn't going to continue on Smack Jeeves. It's going to be at the fan forums at mspaintadventures, the site that brought you Problem Sleuth and Homestuck, in the form of an audience participation comic called Shy Guy's Suggestion Box

if you happen to be part of the MSPA forums yourself, you're welcome to make a suggestion! The comic is just starting out. It'll contain much of the same humor and adventure (and hopefully many of the same characters).

I want to thank my ol' Smack Jeeves friends and all of you who have been reading!
Finally caught back up. Very nice comic though sorry to hear you got tired of it towards the end. I always think you've been pretty inventive on your characters. I like Crap Guy's inclusion in chapter 3, you handled him well.

Best of luck to whatever you do next.

((aside: I haven't been on site because I had a hard drive failure. I lost 90% of my sprites because I had few backups.))
On top of everything else I do I'm also doing a NaNoWriMo this november, so comics will be short and sweet.
Irregular uploading of the comic, you say?

It might be better to invest in antigravity technology than rockets.
Something I've gotten hooked on recently? Downloading free fonts.
I've been sitting on this one for a while, actually.
Want to know what would be awesome? de Blob sprites. Here's the shy guy equivalent.
So many crazy designs, so little time.
Classes have started up for me again so I can always think of a comic being uploaded as I enter American Literature History.
August has been a surprisingly busy month, and I had no stockpile in place.
Brain in a jar? He has no mouth and he must scream...that sounds familiar
Damn, this is active again? Gotta start visiting more than once a week.
Seems I only ever visit this site on Fridays now. Ah well.
Then it'll be skipper dan on streamer patrol...

...and simmons in charge of confetti
Did you see the last HP movie? I did.
more like green plant flesh splattering
Plot? What is this plot of which you speak? This is a bundle of possibly interrelated images about shy guys in a toybox.
Hmm, Gourmet Guy is looking a little short in a full scene. Never noticed that in the sprite sheets.