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Yo. I'm into comics(duh), anthro(furries for ya'll that don't know), Kim Possible, Kigo, cartoons, yuri, music and drawing. I'm a Studio Art major.
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    Clara J. Fowler
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Sorry these pages are updating all over the place, day job has me busy most days and these pages are getting a little more complicated. Enjoy tho :)
I'm really excited to get to this page! This has been in motion for a while and I'm pumped to share more of this mysterious fox :)

Sorry these update times have been all over the place lately. Been trying to update every week at least tho.
Aaaand we're back to regular update schedule! Join me Tuesday for the next page!
Many apologies for the lack of updates. I'll be back on track with the beginning of the 2015. These last few weeks have been busy. But I hope to see all you guys in the new year and hope its better than the past year! :D
Where are we and who are they? I don't think even Ira knows.
We're back!
That's it for chapter 2! New chapter will begin in a couple weeks. I'll be posting little side pics till then.
Sorry for the weird page size, I did this page on my tablet and forgot to change the page dimensions. Enjoy anyway!
Aaaaaand we're back! Glad to be back guys!
Sorry there's no update today. I haven't had a chance to work on the next page between family problems and work. I'll have the new page up Friday, I just needed some time to handle life. So enjoy Hale and Skylar being cute.
I use to not like drawing birds, but drawing Hale has changed my mind tremendously. She is a blast to emote and wings aren't that hard lol.
I'm really happy with how this page turned out, especially the photo by Hale.
Sparkles never bode well.
Hale and Jace finds Ira's reactions way too funny not to mess with her, even if the rest of the restaurant is giving them funny looks.
There are very few things I find funnier that drinks being spewed out of surprise. It will make me laugh every time.
I made up the name of this restaurant two weeks ago and I still love it.
Look at these two goofballs. Look at them. They're adorable. If you like dorks that is.
Hey guys, I wasn't too happy with how the pages looked recently with the greys so for the next few pages I 'm gonna have them in looking a little more like this, see if I like the the more black and white look. I'm experimenting so bear with me.
Told ya, Marko, monsterfolk do come in sometimes.
No one ever listens.