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Dead Silence
I'm Cyn

Holy shit I haven't been on here in ages. My new SmackJeeves is TROLLZIN !!!
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whispers: eyegina

2spooky 4 me!
Naw but seriously this guy is pretty neato~
BONUS: Polly owns a doll that was handcrafted replica of herself which she has cleverly named Molly. Polly is a firm believer that Molly and her Kitty Flashlight can protect her from anything.
She is terribly afraid of the dark so she carries her kitty flashlight wherever she goes. Polly also carries around Molly and her satchel which contains her essentials: PBJ, apple, coloring book, crayons, juice pouch, and a compass her daddy gave her. (She also collects various items and stores them in her satchel)

Polly is trusting, eager, and a daydreamer. She can often be found playing with her doll with her coloring book sprawled out nearby.

She is killable! I just want her to live a while before the kill. If you plan on killing her off, please let me know and lets plan it out together~!! :D

I bet you weirdos are excited about killing off this fictional human child
awh it reminds me of a black german shepherd!
His lower claw was angry-making so I winged that one haha (tbh i tihnk it looks like a spork)

Thank you! :D
Bonus: The Rake can actually speak but rarely chooses to do so. His voice is incredibly shrill and often people don't realize he is speaking. He is also very difficult to focus on which is why he sometimes appears blurry around the edges or as if he is washing away at the outline.

His likeness is to that of a corpse. White flesh, mottled grey patches of skin, concave stomach and protruding ribs. The Rake's hair is white/light grey, thin, and wispy.

If you are unfamiliar with the Rake I introduce you once more to every bump in the night, the aching feeling that you're being watched, and hyper-awareness of the weight at the end of your bed.

EDIT!!!MORE CHARACTERISTICS: Emp and I talked more and I decided to add these cahracteristics in so he can relate more to other charaters/so he won't be difficult to intereact with.

Characteristics: He speaks shrilly to characters until he decides them worthy for the kill, he stalks and finally when he's chosen someone he'll scratch the end of their bed and leave claw marks on the windowsill. The Rake will occasionally draw his victim with his claws on trees surrounding his victims house, leaves notes written blood, and likes long walks on the beach.

sorry for my horrible grammar!! lololo
I don't know where I was going with those bushes. But that's basically what I see when I think of forests. FUCKING BUSHES EVERYWHERE AND TREEEEES!
Also, I drew cabins but your character is welcome to have any other style house.
aw thanks

Saeh: ...... Huh? *wasnt paying attention

Name: SAEH

Position: UKE

Species: Misdreavus

Lvl: 32

Age: 17

Nature: Dreamy

Special Ability: Levitate

* He has a habit of daydreaming and levitating off of the ground while doing so. Saeh tends to miss certain events because of this.

* He's very soft spoken and usually speaks in riddles and rhymes. This ghostie adores fairy tails and has always longed to be in one.

*Saeh has a thing for fire types and bug types but he's not limited to those two categories.

*As a ghost, he tends to want to do mischievous things. These things include and aren't limited to: Hair pulling, poking someone in the back while invisible, throwing things, levitating over someones head, etc.

+ EXTRA: He has a necklace like a Misdreavus but he doesn't wear it because it makes clacking noises. (Saeh can't be sneaky if his necklace is making clacking noises.)
"filled wit crazy monsters" you said "wit" instead of "with" I'm going to assume that's a speaking quirk of his or a typo xD

Just thought I'd let you know! :]

im going to update sometime in the near future!!! :'D
I really love making comics and I'm not going to give you an excuse as in why I was gone for so long.
Instead I'm just going to tell you that I love making comics and I plan to get back into it.

Anyone can reply to this...bug Junes. Shove his face into dirt or something.


im still fairly new to sai as i've recently got a good version of it.
omg. look at dakes belly poking out
so threatening.
the best freaky tongue for the best freaky sex
His face in the last panel amuses me greatly.
The ice cream looks like turds.
Just sayin' bro.
Tell your hubby that I think he's a cool cat! xD