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Stuff whore.
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Lol to your background shading skillz :P
...please tell me this isnt another halo strip :S
Why not CS... or BF2? :[
holy jeesus! No one wrote the story! That must mean... oh .. my ..god... the comic writes itself!
or rather than digitizing them... EATING THEM! :O ! O:
The PS2 is gonna be $1000 in Australia :[
the hell im buying a PS3, Wii all the way man!
I aM tHe wINz0r
well cheese isnt pure mold... is it...? oh god!
that was actually really funny...
could it be pie?
Hahah! Im glad I stumbled upon your comic, uh-leh awsome :D
"andi thought he was gonna stick it in my mouth"... guess again :P
Who sent the assasin?
me. but msot likely the author...
This is getting very .. hot? :P
Good old horrible graphics of the C&C saga :D

Curse EA for buying out Westwood, even if it saved them?
hell, i do that all the time :S
if you ask me, you should replace Boris with a tree. Thatd be funny.