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Hello luvely peoples .... I am for the most part shy but i do luv to be around others who are capable of having an intellegent conversation.... i don't tolerate idiots... I am interested in magic, and the impossible =D lol ....
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aaahh.... using alcohol is cheating!! lolz
NOOOO!!!! Jack don't die!!!
was that dissapointment in Shiratori's face?!?!? oh i hope so ^_^
hahaha...... rejected!!! major. lolz
GO Jack!!! seriously cheering for the bad guy shouldn't be allowed but jack is just so awesome. love your work.
lolz that is to funny...the look on her face must be an epic one. can't wait until next update
actually closer to eagles and hawks. mate on the fly.
your artwork is breathtaking.. can't wait for the next update. =)
GOOOO REILLY!!!! She might be able to roust out Mr Friday's employers the scary black birdy things.
lol firelizards have always reminded me of cats.... so cute!!
uuuhhmmm it might be a good idea to pull a dissapearing act about now. RUN Jack RUN!!!!
your artwork is beautiful as always =)
i think you have a typo though. in the last panel... i think you meant "once".
eagerly waiting your next update
camuth is the weyr-womans gold.... the gold is supposed to drink only the blood of her kills in order to mate.... if she would to eat meat before she wouldn't be able to fly well enough to mate. the blood inflames her lust and gives her extra energy... she has to be able to outfly most of the bronzes that will be chasing after her.... she only wants the strongest bronze to catch her. Who ever's bronze catches her will become the next weyr leader.
And yes i am a total pern nerd. lolz
lolz...your welcome.... your doing an amazing job with this comic!! i breathlessly await your next update.
when a queen rises she will kill all competition. zarinth though isn't competing with camuth is still another gold dragon who could possibly steal her potentiol mates. thus a threat. also there is a possibility that zarinth might rise prematurly because of camuth and that is a challenge. Dragons for all their intelligence are still animals.
oooooohhh that is a bad thing... please let there be no fights. sob*
oh is she blooding her kill??? she is going to rise?.... aaaaawwww can't wait until the next update....will holding my breathe help any? lol
i didn't see that coming!!! completely awesome!!! can't wait until the next update =)
art work is great as always... keep up the fantastic work!!
eh? he isn't doing it because he wants to?!?! what is making him do it?
Kai beat the jerk to a pulp!!! he deserves it in spades!!
eeekk!! i know you are doing this in your free time and i really am grateful that you even consider posting this... so please take this as a compliment and not as a complaint but i really can't wait for the next pages... your absolutely amazing! i am a huge pern adict so your comic is the best!! =D
hope your schedule allows for more posts =)