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I love drawing comics, can you tell? ^__^
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@lazy-lil-king Aww gosh thank you! I will try to update more. :)

I'm back.
I like to think one of Dr Mango's pastimes is going to the Internet and try to learn new things regardless of what kind of junk he learned.
Ohyea and don't forget to check out the contest! 1st prize is USD100!
@Flora Wolf: And they probably love you back too. :3
Sorry for late update. I think I have to shift the update day to weekends. ;u;
Finally drew new pages, so there is a jarring difference in the... art quality. I apologise. :c
@Flora Wolf: Neither would I, haha! Well yeah I mean he looks pretty pathetic after being robbed, we couldn't help but pity someone like that... :p
@MockEulogy: Just... I don't know hahaha :p
@Flora Wolf: Hahaha it is, isn't it? I remember seeing somewhere this kind of conversation happened and it was so adorable.
And thank YOU for reading it! <3

@cedarfall: It's been updated, do enjoy! The update is gonna be sporadic, due to work and internet availability. :D
Sorry for late update... I had to find a new cafe to hang out at and I finally got some free time to scout for one. Here's the latest page, do enjoy! :D
@kumikoangeloglight: Yes they do, you're sharp for noticing it! :D
@The_Time_Hunter: Thank you for reading! Haha I'm planning to upload here from now on
@BeautifulLetDown: Thank you! 'w')/
August 12th, 2014
Finally finished! Oh man this comic is just weird haha.
@Tessabel: And it has been updated! :D
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@Tessabel: And I love you for loving it <3 Enjoy chapter 7, it's more intense haha~
Chpater 7! Hope you guys will enjoy this chapter. :)
Get exclusive Black Sheep content or monthly free drawings! :D Check it out here~