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Yo, all.
I be the Gleamofpower.
I sprite.
I write.
I draw.
I work.
I live.
I exist to exist and soley for that reason only have I not taken my life yet.
I am 21, soon to be 22, I am self-proclaimed creative person, and as I can not draw that well, I express my ideas through the creation of sprite comics.
I swear like a sailor.
But I don't dress like one.
I have many ideas boiling under the surface.
But that's not to say they will ever come out.
Banners are for dicks.
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Are you blind? Reshi or whatever weaboo bullshit that Xenocide named his, completely resembles Tails. Except, while Star's just looks like Tails with an obligatory dark transformation, Xenocide's still looks as if it is it's own character.
Guys, guys, guys.

Star's looks like a Dark Tails, not a Tails Glitch.

Xenocide's looks largely different from Tails.

His fits the theme PERFECTLY.

Plus it looks good.

Sorry, I tend to be a bit blunt when critiquing a sprite.

Better shading, better contrast, better shaping, just better over all. |:

Plus, Star's just looks generic and uncreative as FUCK!
Credit to me for the speech, dimwit.

I would totally speak like that.

And, yes, I probably am high.

'twas some good shit, just sayin'.

Okay, I'm here, where's my harem?

the fuck

is up?

This just in: I'm an author here now.

This just in: Nobody cares.


This just in: Banners are for dicks.
Hey. Remember when I used to update? Neither do I.

Look at this piece of shit that I pulled out of my ass.

Isn't it just a piece of shit?

Yeah, it god damn is.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm abandoning this showcase and moving over to Xenocide's showcase. Three reasons why:

1.I'm such a nice guy and I agreed to.
2.I'll get some recognition from people who actually live.
3.He's such a sad little man that nobody with any spriting skill whatsoever attempted to join his showcase.

Mostly that second one.


EZ signing off, you can find me at The Gen.Lab from now on.


Banners are for dicks.
I generally stay out of the affairs of such pathetic ramblers as these, but, I'm feeling bored today, so I shall offer a rebuttal.

If you say using photoshop for coloring makes somebody's art instantly not their own, then nearly the entire population of artists who don't still color using crayons and colored pencils art is not their own.

You are condemning an entire society of artists as 'frauds,' without much thinking, or reasoning behind your accusation.

Once your argument, or accusation, or whatever you would like to call it, isn't completely ass-backwards and irrational beyond belief, come back.

Or maybe once you stop insulting people who are artistically better than you to deal with your low self-esteem.

You can come back whenever one, or both, of the following are completed.
...This comic?



Wickedly. Osm. Downright. Ecstatic. Really. Fuckingly. Underrated. & Lovely. <3
Way to earn points with his sister, brah.
Okay, so, I was all like 'SHIT MAN, I'M WATCHING ANTAVIOUS GET ALL BETTER THAN ME, WHAT THE FUCK.' So, I tried to sprite.

What an absolutely horrible idea.

A'ight, so, this is Elemental Zero, totally revamped due to writing and writing and writing and writing and hating everything about the original EZ, and then I made him.

There's all this backstory shit I have to go through, but, whatever.

Antavious, courtesy of Antavious, and Gleam Das Ezion, courtesy of moi, are there for height...example...things.

EZ is 100% custom and shizz.

Banners are for dicks.
Mine IS better.
Because I have mini me on it.
I also have a tank that I'm going to add soon, so you might want to do this comic over once it's there~
@Twist: I 'twas joking.
@Chri-Imeanalasthur: You're only saying that because you're jealous I have a girlfriend. <3
Steal these and prepare to get your ass sued off.
That's right.
I'll sue you SO HARD your ass will LITERALLY FALL OFF.
But feel free to use those bases at the bottom, if you want to make a fan character.
Also, before the comic starts....
I am currently accepting any cameos.
I will make the sprites, no matter what you say, as everything will have to be made by me.(This way I don't have to credit you as much.)
Banners are for dicks.
Random shit I need to do for CEWorld.
CEWorld is this comic I plan to do, starting on Febuary 11'th, which, is my birthday. Promotion begins on Febuary 1'st. Look for CEWorld books soon afterwards on Cafepress and possibly elsewhere, and maybe some shirts. :/ Advertising is for not dicks, you realize. SLIGHT ADVERTISING, however, that's different. Expect more CEWorld stuff soon.
Banners are for dicks.
D: Now I want one....Frack, I wish I had some attacks....>> << (totally doesn't go off to make attacks so I can get one)
January 24th, 2011
Looks interesting, you seem to have a good cast of characters, I'll be glad to be your first fan.
Pants and shirt are fucked up. :/ Stop spriting, Mist, you're bad at it.