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Oh shit. My head's gonna get kicked in O_O
God i'm lazy.
Bah, i'll post a comic tomorrow if I get round to it.
Damn, I actually really wanted to see on through this comic.
The plot was increasingly interesting as it moved further and further on.
'Tis a shame for such ideas to be wiped out.
I wish I had your kind of creativity in webcomic making.
I just noticed.
Stall comics are all I seem to do. o.o
Fiiine. I'll find some suitable blue shades for my power up. As I said. Still working on them.
I spy typo.
I noticed everyone else seemed to be posting sprites. So I thought I should put my few that no-one had up.
So they don't have to forge them from the webcomics.
And since it's 1am. I'm going to sleep to get my 6 hours of rest. =D
Were doomed... Not even the power rangers can stop god.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Winston parody's at it again. I remember this.

Wait... Isn't Eggman god though?
21-29 is when sign posts get their holidays. Lucky buggers getting their holiday for 9 years.
TIP: Person who talks first should have their bubble higher than the one talking after, otherwise it's confusing.

Fine comic though
Couldn't think of anything and well... Nothing fills you up like cheese.
Actually. I think we should both share the crown, since as how well you managed to take care of the place
Either way you choose.
And sorry, i'm going to have a temporary leave from the comic again, only for a few days. My laptop charger has broken and It's now out of power. I'll be getting a new one soon though.
I do.
And i'm not happy about what you said about the comic on your freewebs page. That it's "one of the most stupidest, poorly written and horribly made webcomics on the net"
Greetings Gentlemen.
I have returned. A long wait, I stopped making comics for that time but I was still observing the comics.

I would also like to Apologise to Gatamigo. I stole his sprites and re-editted them to make my human. x]