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XD I love this comic already!
Laa Dee Daa
Natasha's Good O'l time's with some character's!
c: I'll add more later!~
awww i missed the old times! they were increadible!
aww i remeber this! i love it!
well I had to think quick and all And I thought what about paris! Art, Food, and music + the romance! more pages will Come!
Well Sorry I haven't been updateding lately! I didn't have a computer or a scanner! But Now I do! I'll Be updateding more! It Has Been A while!! ( well along time) Anywho! this is my old character natasha!

Name: Natasha
Age: 17
Bio: she lost her old place by exploding her microwive into smitherinies, now she comes back to maple apartments
she is just adorable! <3
OMG she got mad skills! whoo! if the character house ever starts a ma vs wild thingy, i want her on my team! :O
lol i really love your comic art! :3
Wow XDD no one can get passed it Lol
XDDD i just choked on my orange juice while reading that!
Step mother
INFO: she is oddly mean only to her relatives only and stricted!she dosent have a good sense of humor and oddly really dumb

Age: 45

first Name: Amelia
middle name: Valentine
Last name: Esperanza
anyways im done christmas shopping decorating, putting lights up, and cleaning and planning and visiting grandparents finally! anyways i've been really busy and now im finally FREE!! :D so I have decided to take pictures of my comics i know this is not a good picture cause i took it in webcam but! ill get a better one soon..

Oh and Natasha is not going to be in character high school, I really like natasha but i dont think that this is her place to be. so instead its going to be CINDERELLA!

Theres a New commedian In Character high school comming Youre Way with funny idea i had
Featuring The Step mother and step sisters, comming soon!

Name: Cinderella
Nick name: Cinderblock
Age: 15
Job: maid/ Highschool student( sophmore )
Bio: her dad died and currently lives with step-mother and step sisters
Likes: Nice kind people/animals/other people
Dislikes: Grumpy mean people
Favorite thing to do is: Sing, Dance, and loves to eat dark chocolate
Least favorite: CLEANING
that is sooo cute!! i wanna hug it ( hugs)
welcome trish davis! :D
aww she like blushing ~ love is in the air~ i think...
awww he gave her a kiss o3o "cute~