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I'm a Doctor Who-obsessed Brit with a fondness for fantasy and mythology.
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Wow. Hey? It's been a while.

Almost 10 years, actually, and at the venerated age of 25 I've found myself thinking a lot about this little webcomic I used to make. Not enough to continue it, sadly - I work full-time now and there, uh, was never much in the way of a plot planned I'm afraid - but enough to do some related doodling. And that's what I have here; the main trio, modelling a decade's worth of art improvement.

I had a lot of fun with CanineLupine when I was a kid! I'm pretty sure it's the sole reason I got my first graphics tablet, so without it I wouldn't be making the art I am today. And I don't know if anyone's still even here to see this update, but if you are - I just want to say thanks. And sorry. Thanks for all the great comments, for the fanart, and for cheering me on with baby's first digital art project - and sorry for never getting far with the story.

That being said, if you are still around & interested in what was going to happen/want to see what I've been up to since, you can come drop me an ask on Tumblr! I'm chinquix over there as well (nothing much has changed in the username department). And if you like the look of my current art, I'm also offering commissions right now.

So once more, thanks, friends! This is one last goodbye from the Origin Pack, but maybe I'll see you around.
~ Charlie
Thanks a lot, Grey wolf! I must admit, it took me a while to come up with the title XD
thanks ^^ Although, next page will be a little late. Just a little!
I updated on time this week ^^ ...just...

So, tried out a slightly different page layout this time, not really sure if it works though. I'm not sure if this page is very clear, I tried to make it seem obvious that Tekhan's father is the leader of his pride, and he'll succeed from him, and so'll become more obvious later on, but Tekhan doesn't really get on well with his dad.

From now on, the next few pages will go back to looking at Chinquix, Rufius and Rowan.

It's. Finally. Done.

I am sooo sorry, I really don't have a reason for taking so long. It wasn't even a particulalrly difficult page...I think I just got out of the routine, and it was hard to get back in again ^^'

But anyway, here we see Tekhan and the Captain once again, and as you can see, Tekhan's kind of in trouble. Next page, some new information shall be released, so stay tuned! My New Year's resolution is to updat at least every other weekend from now on!

p.s. I forogt to say, the speech bubbles went a bit weird...sorry...
it's pretty obvious, snake has an idea asks to leave void and does, then gets sumthin from his game comes back in and....BAM!!!!!!! Snake wins!
Ehe ^^ He can be cute, if he wants to be...
Poor Luigi
Nice plan but this time x got the better of him...
Thanks ^^ You're gonna spoil me with fanart...which reminds me! Present for you --->
First Page ^^
So, Chapter 2 is up and running at last ^^ Now you get to find out the name of that sabre I drew for a teaser :3 He looks cute in the 2nd panel, but then my drawing skills abandoned me ¬_¬
The other sabre doesn't yet have a name, but it'll be something beginning with S or R, I know that ^^'

For some reason, it appears to have gone from night to early morning...that's because there's been a change in scene! We've now moved from the coast to the Plains, the home of the felines, so that should be interesting ^^

If anyone has any questions, just ask!
*drum roll*
*Updating now, as I'm going away this weekend*

Ooooh, it looks so dark and mysterious! But I messed up the glowing eyes, and Rufius looks like he's wet himself T_T Ah well...

There is a reason for the title being 'OutsiderS', but you'll have to wait to find out why ;D

Well then, let's begin Chapter 2!
The aroo is dead...*bows head for a second*
That is so funny! "Why is Wario leading us to get a tree?" Later:"Seriously, where is he taking us?" "I have no idea..." and Shadow's face=priceless
Please hurry and get to the part where luigi pwns everyone by using a random move no one has heard of! For those unsure I will tell you. It always has to happen! Otherwise there is no point in Luigi!(actuallly I don't really care but o well...)
Last Page!
Yes, the first chapter of CanineLupine is COMPLETED! ^^ Not sure if there're enough pages, though...

Anyway, not much to say, just that the wolf in the last two panels has a fat face ¬_¬ Anyone who's been reading from the beginning shouldn't find it to hard to work out who this angry wolf is XD
Again, the white wolves are cameos of GolfingLioness/GOTS' characters, and this is their final appearance.

Thanks for reading this far!
Page 11
It's done again, after a little mix up ^^' Can't find the original comment, so here's the one I posted on deviantART;

It's back, people! After the MASSIVE gap, I've started up CL again. I doubt anyone missed it, but I'd like to say thankyou to any fans still with me! XD

About the page: Not sure if the howl works, but it looked boring any other way...also, Rowan's just mumbling to himself, forgetting of course that Rufius is right next to him. Man, he's hopeless. And behind Chinquix, that's a shooting star. I don't like Chinquix in this one though, she looks...urgh :/

Oh, really? Thanks, i'll see what I can do about that!
Oh, wow! That is really amazing, thanks so much!
Wow, thanks!
Thanks to the both of you! Tygermon, I'm doing a reference of her right now! (will do anything for fanart)
A lot to say...
First of all, apologies for the lame colouring, I was in a hurry to get it up on time >.<
Secondly, new characters! The two white wolves are cameos for GodessoftheSea/Golfing Lioness. They're brother and sister, called Rhaegar and Daenerys. They'll make one more appearance in the next page, then that'll be it. The grey/black wolf is a more important character. Her name is Kira, and she's a friend of Chinquix, a fellow Apprentice Healer. She's usually pretty quiet...anyway, she'll appear more in the next chapter.
One last thing, the next page will be the last of Chapter 1! Eeeh! The 'arooo' will be making it's final appearance, then I promise to let it die.
Thanks for reading, I look forward to any comments!