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That whole page is so utterly perfect.
That whole page is so utterly perfect.
Uwah! D:
How can you leave it hanging like thaaaaat? T-T
January 20th, 2010
Kaya-kun thinks the dad is a creeper... But an essential creeper, so he may be allowed to live.
Wow. Poor Monday and poor Clover. I don't know which one I'm more angry with. >x<
Why is she crying? D: I don't get it! Dx
That Was Amazing
I can honestly say that this is the best comic I have ever read. Cute couple, great plot. Amazing art and the right ammount of yaoi. Perfecto! Fabulous job.
Characters Page at Website
This page is so cute. I read it and went up to my crush and said that and she was like whaaa? It was so cool! But anyway, I visited the website and say the characters page, the chibis are soooo cute!
I wish I had known earlier...I'll have to make you a present, I was working on fanart for this anyway. Anywayz, this is an awesome page, I've loved this comic since I first started on SmackJeeves. It's beautiful. I just wish I had money to get the book ; ^ ;
I also love how well you express emotions. This is an amazing manga.
Awww Potato chips! My puppy loves chips! ; ^ ;
Blod Splatter
I think the blood splatter is a nice touch. Seeing as she is dying and trust me, hanging can cause bleeding, even if their head stays completely in tact. I love this comic. And Andi's arm pit hair is a nice touch, makes him look...real.
I have personally cut myself and I agree it's a little insy exaggerated. But it's also realistic. I only cut in one place on my forearm, top and bottom. I love this comic so much. It's amazing...But ever so sad. Amazing job.