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"Whitney stop spamming the taunt."
Angel's lines in this are hilarious.
@Akuma: Final Fantasy, and Ryuia is too.
How will Juiced and Claus react to this?
Wait... Cherman is a robot... Does he even need to eat?
...Never mind. Just realized that motor oil was one of the options. But then how long since he last 'ate'? I don't think they have a lot of motor oil in the camp.
Wait...Why does Issac want MINNIE out?
Montana is hilarious and a very honest character.
>Large Snorlax blocks path.
Bowser was in Luigi's Mansion?!?... Hey there's Meta Knight!
... Wow. Does he have wings?
Happy Holidays. Everyone's there and... wait... where's Bass?
Sorry to hear that Shin. Hope your computer is fixed soon.
Water may own fire most of the time, but not when the fire is ten times stronger than it. Also electricity beats water.
Just curious but, did any of them notice that the former Metal Sonic called Tails um Tails?