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Board Games, Collecting, Computer Gaming, Designing, Guns, Ice Hockey, Movies, Music, Nature, Science
Favorite Music
Anything with good bass :D Including: Chemical Brothers, Crystal method, Daft Punk, Eminem, Faithless, Fatboy Slim, LeftField, Massive Attack, The Prodigy
Favorite Movies
All the Aliens, All LOTR's, All the Predators - In fact anything but Musicals :P
Favorite TV Shows
2DTV, 24, Angry Kid, Battlestar Gallactica, Boston Legal, Farscape (when it ran), House, Lost, Malcom in The Middle, My Family, Prison Break, The Simpsons
Favorite Books
Don't really have a favourite, but i like books by Stephen King and Terry Pratchett - like any sort of story :D
Favorite Video Games
At current: Black, Cossacks: Back to war, Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, SOF2, Startopia, Zoo Tycoon
Reaper87 or -=Lord Reaper=- or -=Lord Beans=-
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Reaper87 or Rob25387
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Hi Cadavera - Yes, Bread has shown me your fine work already. Very nice work indeed! :D
...I'm glad to see the madness carries on when I am not around lol
Yup, it's true - I am only pointing because he is lol

There we are, BTY MasterMinds, no relation to the game unit, not really Master Minds at all, but there we are none the less lol.

Yuri made me do it lol
Yes, Bread has come up with a very intresting plot rather than us doing random stuff all the time lol.

Promise of C4, Clones, Kirovs and god knows what else in the return of BTY!
...All that air defence and Chrono Carnage once again throws all that out the window lol
RA2 was always a good laugh to produce. Often while making the comic we had to battle off the Computer enemies (Which where often set to Brutal) while we got the screenshots in lol
Tank rape
After the onslaught of brutal vs brutal vs brutal, we prepeared for the attacks of the last comp standing. Sad really, because the tanks either went into the path of Breads mirage tanks to be blown to pieces, or into my clone squad only to be grounded down for cash. We had a few get through but meh, all dead. We have taken on the max of brutals and we have won - theres our bragging rights ;) lol
3 words...

(that works out as 7 then lol)
Indeed - 'tis not easy Bread. I myself have been making "Sprties" of a sort - all in MSPaint, from pixel level. Thats hard as hell. They are for my own Comic, coming soon! >:D
ha that was great!
Well i mean what to do when someone builds a base in you're base and fires a teslacoil off? - Hurt them badly...
This is too easy!
More like grant did having slaughtered them before hand with Boris. This was a costly comic for our yuri - he may be dead, but somehow i think he will be ok...
Wow - no comments. I have changed this...
Ok then...
But like you go on sof2 aswell - we had a schedule - Mondays - I was on yesterday but you went for BSG (Good show :D) and we seem to play the game less now. I have no hard feelings for the beating you two gave me lol. Anyway, can't say the same for Grant, but i will be here - when you need me. Unless your Modem blows up... :P
Taking a **** In the Woods...
Yeah... i was behind this. I'm not even sure why, but i liked the idea of Boris hiding away where no one could see him only to be flawed. Guess it's taken from the times when you're troops are being shot at and you can't place the shooter - Here, Boris has no where to hide... >:D
Stroke more like...
You made me cry on Monday. I hope you're happy.
Monday you said - new comic - then i see gone to sisters - NOOO!!! - i need sleep...
The first...


...and why?


uhhhhh ok then... :D
And how!
Yeah... Im Just Rob - and my DOB is 25/3/1987 - hence Rob25387. Of course, Bread does not tell you about the 4311 meaning - i have my theories lol - good comic :D
Yeah thats us. I just got backstabbed in game by the A holes... little do they know the true plan... hehehe, hahaha, HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAA! You will see...
The Clone Wars
Yeah, word has it Kuri is from a big family. Many Clone Brothers, Sisters and Brutes - what the hell they classed as? lol