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The Nej
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I'll start this off by saying that I love all of you who Favorited this and stuck by me and my ridiculously long updates! I love each and every single one of you! And I promise I'll do my best to update more often. Oh, and I'll also try to increase the quality of each page, so if you see the shading/toning/lineart change during the next few pages, don't be alarmed I'm just experimenting a little. x];
Sorry it's been soo long since my last update. In my defense... I've been sick and being a juniors a lot harder then I thought it would be... Well onto other news...

110 Fans?! I love each and everyone of you! As does Carl and Leon! In honor of the enormous amount of fans I'm going to draw a picture for you all. Now, since I don't really have any ideas on what to draw I want you guys to tell me what you'd like to see. Like give me ideas/themes of what to draw.

Well anyways Thank you all so much and I hope you'll continue sticking with this little old comic.
;-; Sorry it's been so long since I've last updated. School's really a lot more work than it was last year. Then again I'm a junior so that's to be expected. I probably will only be able to update once a week since I've been bombarded with homework and I don't have all that much time to work on the pages as much. Sorry. xc;;

Dawning - Lol thank you I guess and just you wait and see what he'll do~ x]
Here's a fun fact, one of the background people are going to make an appearance later on in the comic. Can you guess who? x]


Blaugtag- Lol ILU too. c:

DawningDarkness - Hahah ain't it just? xD

Lol If you think he's cute now just wait until later~
In their defense Leon IS 28 and as you know guys have certain needs. x];
In other words I'm taking my driving test in an hour and a half. Here's me hoping that I pass and I don't have to retake 12 hours of road lessons. x];;

DawningDarkness- Lol, I probably would have done the same if I wasn't the one making the comic. x]

Blau Tag Well now you know. x]
School started today.... yay. Lol, it wasn't THAT bad, just super hot. We're in the middle of a heat wave and my stupid school doesn't have air conditioning. So it was a bit of a pain, but what can you do? Oh theres a storm coming and it's gunna hit us on Friday and if you don't hear from me for a week or so it's because my internet's been knocked out or my powers out. I hope neither happens but if it does I'm telling you beforehand.

I wonder what Alan's going to give Leon? x]]

Well yeah, Enjoy~

JewishStar Why thank you. c:

BlauTag Lol, and we both know how he's gunna do that~ ~wink wink~ xD

DawningDarkness Leon's hair color is on the first page. [SPOILER It doesn't stay that way for long SPOLIER] xDD;

Lol Alan's just a bit of a jerk, but he means well, most of the time anyway. x]

That makes one of us. As you can tell I'm not a very fashiony person.
It's the first page of chapter 2. I changed my mind about Alan, he's gunna stick around a bit longer then I intended. x]
Enjoy~ c:

DawningDarkness xDD Carl Blond? It's never really crossed my mind, but at least you don't hate his brunetteness. x]
Lol, Sorry for the longish wait. Updates will be twice a week from no one since I'm entering school on Thursday and I'll probably be busy with my stupid junior homework and classes. xD;

So yeah,this chapters probably gunna be fun since it'll be Carl and Leon's first REAL date. Can anyone guess where they'll be going? xDD

Oh and that's Carl btws. x]

DAWNINGDARKNESS Lol, I'm glad you enjyed the cards so much, it took me forever to get it juuussstttt right. x]

SBDRAG Daaaww, thank you~ x]
End of Chapter One~
Yay! The first chapter is over and I can assure you that the next chapter will be a lot more interesting and have better art work and shading cause the first chapter was so half assed. So hang tight and the next chapter will be up soon! c:

DawningDarkness - You don't have to tell me twice and lol, glad you enjoyed his boldness. xD
Here's the next page. I seriously need to work on my screen toning. xD;

Theres only one more page left until Chapter two, so be on your toes. x]


CUTIE GRL - Maybe you are and maybe you aren't theres only one way to find out~ x]

Lol, I;m glad you enjoyed it, I tried to make it sound as cheesy as I possibly could. x]

DAWNINGDARKNESS - Lol, Your such a meanie! But I understand, after all who wouldn't want to tease the little bugger?

Lol, You'll see~

RINRIN68 - Awww, thank you. x] and Yes, He is if I do say so myself. To bad you probably won't be seeing him again though. xD
Oh noes!
What did Carl mean by that? Will these two ever get together or was I just wasting time? Stay tuned and find out on the next page of A Special Kinda Speed Date!

DawningDarkness - xD Don't let Leon hear you say that or he'll flip. Well not really but he'll be upset. x]

therunya - Just cause the dates over doesn't mean that they can't meet up again, but then again you never knooowww~ x]
Hehe, it makes you wonder who's the uke and who's the seme right? c:

DawningDarkness - Lol, what can I saw? x] And that Leon's "oh-oh this is going to be bad" face. But I'm glad you find it lovable. x]
Awwww, Carl's such a sweetie~
Watch out Carl, Leon just might take a liking to you and your sweetness~ x]

DawningDarkness - They're both cuties, am I right or am I right? x]

Blau Tag - Oh do I know? ~raises eyebrow~

cutie grl - Aww, thank you! I'm glad I have someone who loves it. x]
Page 15 enjoy~ c:

@ROSIE-LOL - Lol I would do the same thing to visit the oh so lovely Carl. x] Don't feel bad for them! This is the start of their lovely relationship!

@Blau Tag: Lol, you know it's possible. Especially with his uh... you know. ~winky face~ xDD
Graahhh sorry it's been so long since my last update, and I'm sorry this page looks like crap! I'll redo it later on when I have more free time okays?
And Whoohoo! 30 fans! Thank you all for sticking with this comic and I hope that you'll enjoy it. xD;;
Here's page 12, I got a little rusty over vacation, so excuse the messyness and the weirdness of Carl. I'll fix him wen I get the chance. xD;;

Cutie Girl~ Haha, thanks! As for Carl, he might look all shy and stuff but you'll see his true colors soon enough~ x] and Whohoo! I'm loveded. x]

MomoTheGreat~ Lol What can I say? Leon's just easily pleased. x]
I'm Bacccckkk~
I'm back and I love each and everyone of you!!
26 Fans!? Oh Gosh I feel so happy right now it's not even funny. I can fill a classroom with my fans! I'm so pumped right now you don't even know! I'd like to say a special thanks to Dj Katsu Cutie Girl, Blau Tag, Kikai, and NewAgeVintage for commenting and I promise that I'll start responding to those comments from now one since I'm back home! Thank you guyyyss~ ILU you all~ <3 c:
How do you like the cruddy art so far? Haha I promise it'll get better! xD;;

I haven't even put up the first page and I have 2 Fans. I feel loved. c:

I'll be gone on vacation for the next 3 weeks, but don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I'm going to bring my tablet and my dad's laptop so I'll be working on a few pages while I'm over there. I also already had a few pages done from before so I'll be uploading daily until I run out. I'll try to update once I get there, if I have internet connection, but if not than you'll just have to wait. xD;

So yeah Enjoy the comic and I hope to see a bunch of fans when I return~ c:
Contest Entry

Koga's an Australian Terrier and he's a bundle full of fun and energy. He's always kind to other people and he's very oblivious when it comes to other peoples emotions.

Yeah, I hope I didn't leave anything out. xD;;
The Nej
November 7th, 2009
@Blau-Tag: Fibs FIBS! xDD