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I voted! 8D
Good luck in the votes!
Awww! I'm glad that Ollie is enjoying himself! <3
Irene looks really cute on this page! 8)
Now my guess is that Jasper knows who it is!
I got 311 points and didn't lose a single life!
Yes!! One of my guesses was right!!!! 8D
I loved the story so far! I really can't wait until the next chapter!! 8D

My favourite character is Lune!
D8 Poor Elena!!
I adore the way you drew the fire!!! 8D
I actually screamed "WHAT?!" out loud once I saw this page!! O___O
ROFL!!!!!!!! XD Poor Jun!!!!
I'm going back to thinking that it's either Clinton or Jasper! Something is just telling me it's one of them!
Aww! Poor Tasha! D8
Congrats for finishing the chapter! 8D It looks great!
You serious had me fooled for the first three panels!! XD I seriously thought it was blood!
Oooohh my.... I SO did not see that coming!! XD
Those were very nice words of Angelia! 83

I'm so excited!!! D8 I can't wait to find out!!
Well there goes my two guesses! D8
So it's not Clinton or Jasper... I'll have to keep guessing... 8|
"Sokay, bro" ROFL!

I love how the story's going! 8D