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Hello there! I'm Christina, also known a lot as Kiyoko on the art part of the web. I'm an eighteen year old girl with the talent to write tons of catchy things and draw like there is no tomorrow. I love anything art related, whether is be drawing, video editing, or writing. Anything creative I love. I tend to get lazy at times and slack off, so sorry ahead of time. But all in all I just do what I feel like. Inspirations come and go and things flow from my pen like magic. I hope to turn that magic in to something fatastic on paper.
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I donno if J gets em.. but I get emails notifying me of comments >.<
Sorry for such the long absence everyone! We're ready to get working now! <3
Thanks for those who have stuck with us!
My translator said:
'Ame' means Rain or Candy
& that
'Natsu' means Summer
& 'Nami' means Wave.

Sorry for just up and ditching you all with D.B. Here's my apology picture for you x-x
It's Ame, the one sole character I designed for Deadly Bonds. Of course, cause she's cutsy. xD
Her last name is subject to change, since I made it up off the top of my head right after a math final during school. LOL.
Me and J are currently reconstructing the story and how everything will play out in D.B. and hope to get working on it soon after she finishes Funhouse.
Deadly Bonds will be ten times better now that we have time to think every scene through, so stay tuned~! <3

Kiyoko Minako

@J: Again, lolz to my minds beautiful thinking process. I donno where Natsunami came from. That's kinda ironic though.
I've always been very good at writing though ;D
A page and a print all in one!
Lucky you. You get to see Ki's horrid coloring job that happened at 12 in the morning. XD
I'm gonna go pass out now.
Yay for a page and a 'filler' all in one day =)
Yuri much? JK. Or am I? The world will never know with the insanity I'm approaching tonight. I'm surprised I can even spell. lol.

Cover is here~!
Guess I get to be the post mule. XD
Art by MisdermeanerJ!
Logo by Me ^^

Deadly Bonds has it's coverrrrrrr <3
Yup. Haha. And thanks. XD
It was actually suppose to be cuter than this. But again, I think up too creative poses that I cant draw -sighs-
Yay for Beginnings!
I messed with the backround and I'm still not happy with it. xD
Oh well.
Heres the Chapter One cover featuring Haruka on the front =)
Thanks ^^
Not my best work, but oh well. It's late, I'm tired. But I wanted to get another page done!!
Intro done ;D
Chapter One comin' next!
Foreshadowing Much? XD
It's been awhile
And this is why. This page gave me so much trouble I kinda gave up in the middle of it. XD
@xXCreatorXx: Aww. Thank you.
That gun really gave me problems though. XP
@xXCreatorXx: Thank you =)
Sorry for my fail gun. Thats the second time I've EVER drawn one. lol.
Well, this is stupid.
I had to change the file to a stupid JPEG
because I was 28 KB over my limit. WTF!