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I must agree with all of you. I was shopping in thrift stores (and finding AMAZING BARGAINS) ages before it became fashionable. Now, I can't find anything because it's so crowded that I'm more occupied with making sure any of the 3 shifty wierdos don't walk off with my purse. Then, they built one on the 'Trendy Shopping Street' and now I have to dig through mountains of overpriced trash just to find a semi-decent (overpriced) shirt!
To The_Hankerchief and Amiko_16:

Nu-UH! QT still has better dounuts! They have the amazing, Super-wonderful DONUT HOLE BUNCH! *Om nom nom*
Ya know, there really isn't a gravy gap in the midwest. It even gets it's own isle here! *gravyw00t*
Is Belial gay for Raum or something?
Pardon me while I squee like the fangirl I am.

It's a Batty-chan!
I wish I could help by giving blood, but not only am I a free bleeder, I'm too small to give blood.
I must find another way to help! *Rawr*
Can't wait too see how this nuzlocke turn out! But be sure to check your spelling- I've noticed a few mistakes that were overlooked. Great art, though!
Waiting for other peoples
So Camilla works as the assistant manager of the electronics department at Lolmart. Derek is the manager of the store, and her boss. He might make an appearance later.
First strip, I hope someone joins!
I was invited to join, but all I have are sonic sprite edits. I lost all my Humanoids in the hard drive crash of '09 ((LOL))
These are actually pretty good. I've seen some really bad splices. Keep it up!
umm, can I come back? I quit for a stupid reason and want to be in a comic w/ an actual plot...
My original question was never awnsered. Would you let in sprited yuri? that's all I can really do w/ what I've got now...
Yesh! show this to burton-man!
did you happen to read/watch the outsiders? the whole plot there was greaser vs. socs.(pronounced soshas:the rich kids.)
would you guys accept sprite yuri? I cant draw on the comp. and the scanner dosen't work.
I'd support zack/72 if my own oc's weren't already paired in my story.
Aww, baby evee!
Awww, cute!

I'd join, but my comp. drawing skills suck and I don't have a scanner...