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Why would anybody read this? ;_;
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No squealing, remember that it's all in your head.
Your sprites look a lot like his. Pretty cool.
Mad fuckin' pussy.
You're inspired heavily by Guido Bos.
I like.
I'm going to play although I will be portrayed as a major... basically myself.
The arm bothers me as it always has.
You should have a palette similar to the first one, because it looks more ethereal.
I like yours better overall if only because the arms on breaker's sprite are weird and if appears that something is protruding from it.
Your shading is pretty good on the body, but the tail is... odd.
It'd be cool if there was a more ghostly quirk to it, like if the hair was a bit floaty, but that's just me.

Shush Z, that's not the reason and you know it.
Major characters need quirks, that doesn't necessarily encompass wearing armor or frills, just something distinctive.
This character doesn't seem very good.
It looks like something that would be a background character.
Personally I'd just start over, but if I had to choose, it looks like a mouse.
Shut the fuck up Mist.
You are the epitome of fail.
Is that what you bet? Have you seen my posting rate?
Stfu Gleam, don't take this so seriously.
I never believe things people say on the interwebs, and neither should you.
I bet you're one of the noobs who raged at Eric Douglace.
Gata, if I find one more like button, I'm going to murder Mark Zuckerburg.
He looks awkward and puffy.
I do not come to see updates here about people mourning something that happens on a day to day basis.
You're all yiffers.