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Well, I like to make comics, I like to draw and play games.... and I guess that's it. Toodles.

**Comics Comming Up**

Friend or Foe
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He looks so grown up!
Her intentions may be "good" to a point, somewhat, but I still wanna hit her with like, a rock, or sumthin
Ed's comment about stripping Liam made me smile alot more that it should've.

Bah, I love you so much ;v;
Mhhmm hmm
I offically steal this pages virginity.
:D I think i'll become a fan
You've just got yourself another fan missy!

I gots this thing for bloody comics and BL. Put them together? *evil smirk*
Hur hur...
Ever since I got on the internet, everytime I saw someone w/ sparkly skin or shiny skin i thought "They must've had some good sex!"

But I digress.

o3o can't wait to read more! Your story is very interesting.
D: Stupid Michale!!
>.>...*slaps David's ass*
EM GEE!! Katerinafm, your icon made me squeel so badly!!
*shifty eyes*
I've heard that your skin supposedly sparkles when you have good sex...*brick'd*
I was drinking some cocoa while reading this, and seeing him in the skirt made it come out of my nose.

And it burns D:
>////< *silent squee*
"to throw you on the ground and ravish you" *deep evil smirk*
God, you just made my day with that line. (stores it for future ref)

Ee! Your style is so cool, and I love this couple so much!
*claps hands together* Please...please...PLEASE let him be the uke!
The roomate is adorable :D
Oh gawd, I hope Mama's the seme. That would just complete me. Mama is more expressive and demanding, and I could totally see him just groping Papa one day.*pervy smiley face*
Me and the dude have the same accent almost o.o My friends and I are always like
"That!" then I say, "Dat!" or something

Almost had nothing to do with comic(reads next page)
Who's they? Does he mean us(cheheh heh) or like, his buttocks?
... *dies laughing*
I was listening to music while reading this, and when I clicked on next page and saw this one, I stared at the screen a bit then thought

"SHITTT!!! No more pages!"

*gives doughnut* Congrats on sticking to it!
I can hear Meg now. "WHY, WHY, WHYY am I the one always nude?!?"

Who could unfave this? It has enough plot twist to satify.
Great job ^-^
>Scribble on the left(right?) poster, jump on the bed, and then read note