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I hope you're ready to take responsibility for all of my snots.
all comics here reads from right -> left.

also sorry for the delay, I started school and it's been intense. I hope to have a few pages up this weekend c:.
Page One
Just a reminder for further in, my pages are meant to be read RIGHT -> LEFT. So nobody gets confused later on rofl ;n;

Winter will be drawn much looser than my last one, and hand written instead of text. Some of the reason is to save time (I'll try to keep them tidy still, just it's faster to do it this way). The other reason is it better preserves the feeling I want with this short.

I'm aiming for this to wrap up as a 10 page short~
derp ;n;
Long time no post. I burned myself out between comics/school and other things for a long while. I decided to just cancel the last comic (temporarily? idk), and start over with a whole new story. I just want a quick story to get back into things.

For anybody who still has this comic tabbed, I hope you'll enjoy this small comeback. I'm taking my time this round though.
Oh Hay
So, as you may have noticed (KINDA HARD NOT TO), I took a rather long and unannounced hiatus.

Reason: I got burned out. I really couldn't bring myself to do any pages, and I felt pretty awful for not saying anything ;_;

I want to re-start updates on both comics, but I won't be able to do daily updates like I used to (or else I'll burn out again).

-If I bring back updates, but only once weekly, will you be okay with that?

-If I upload comic pages in a more rough sketch style, will you be upset?

The comic pages can take me a long time in inking and scaling. Honestly, if I keep things in slightly rougher state, I can update much more frequently. But I don't want anybody to be angry with me for it. So, I hope you'll let me know.

I know I've lost a lot of watchers during this time, but for those who still come here, thank you so so so much ;D;

For those who have still kept me on their watch lists, here's a preview image I had done a while ago of the story that was supposed to follow Recipe. I may still do it once Recipe is done, but it's been giving me some plot issues, so I kind of put it on the backburner.
;__; the mouse is so cute, ahhhh~
May 30th, 2009
Gorgeous, I'll be watching this!
:' ( this is beautiful.
Okay guys, I'm certain people have been like "where the eff is Monomo and her updates??" because I definitely noticed some people un-faved (only a few), but I still felt really bad about it because I hate feeling like I'm letting my watchers down ;__;;;

So, this is why updates over here at Gemini Colle have been slow/late (excl. the fact that I'm working).

Also, for the past few days, I've been posting over at my new side comic (Passion Fruit) -

I love working on G*C, but sometimes I really need to take a break from softcore fluff and go back to my roots, aka R18 man on man lovin'. So, I'll be flip-flopping between comics depending on which will keep me more productive and updating frequently (PF when my cute-meter is low, G*C when my porn-meter is low). I won't leave G*C in the dust lol ;D; Just give me some time, all the thumbnails are planned out, it's just a matter of actually executing them.

Thanks for being understanding! I really hope you continue to watch this comic, I promise I'll be back here soon.

For the time being, if you want to check out Passion*Fruit while waiting, please do. Just note that it is R18. It is the total opposite of here - there's actually dicks flying around the place. So if that isn't your cup of tea, avoid it, and if you go make sure your conservative grandmother isn't viewing.
I said I'd upload another page, but I never said it'd be good rofl. ;_; Sorry, this is drawn really sloppily, but I just wanted to get this one out of the way, so I could get to the pages I actually want to work on haha.

@KittyCHOMP & konstan_tina99 -
Pino's boobs are their own entity :') THEY ARE SELF AWARE.
Tamsin must turn into a huge bumbling idiot around the people he likes. ;_; I'd hate you too, Tamsin.

Tonight will be a double-update. I'll have the next page up soon~
Stunning. Everything is absolutely stunning <3
I hadn't checked my stats in a while, so I didn't realize how many favs I had since last time!

Truly, thank you all so much for watching my comic. I'll keep working hard for you all.

I'll have another page up for Colle 3 either late tonight or tomorrow! I thought it was an okay break in the comic to stick this in without interrupting the flow~

There were some balls all up in this image, but then I was like "crap this comic isn't R-18 lol". SO I censored that junk out all crafty like. Thank you nuts.

@ Kitamora - booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere ;_;
Tamsin's a pervert : ( What the hell.

@YoshikoFuru- Nope, I haven't heard of that comic before! It sounds interesting though, I'll check it out~ :D
bum bum bummmm
lol Sonam, y u so crazy.

Today I got my hair done after work and I fell asleep while my stylist was putting in foils ;_; lol me.
Yeah, the pages are going to be roughs lol ;_; I might eventually go back and clean them up once it's over.

Well, now you can all see what my pages look like as roughs again (Colle 1 was rough too). So sketchy and blah ;; awful text placement rofl.
Sooo, I just got out of classes and hauled my shit from the dorms back last weekend. Finals week really took it out of me. I've been relaxing all week.

I'll get some pages up in the following days, I'm just resting still - kind of got sick of drawing once classes ended haha.

I think the pages going up will be roughs, because I'll be able to post them faster D: Since I feel so bad about dropping off the face of the planet.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has been well and is enjoying the start of summer! Please continue to support me, even if I'm slow ;D;
;__; fucking awesome.

I'm speechless, this is so gorgeous~
Heyyy, it's been a while lol ;__; Sorry guys, I've been distracted with schoolwork/collab stuff.

I've had all the stuff for this story set up in my sketchbook/notebook for a while now, so I felt really bad not posting anything for this long.

So, here's the title page! Sorry, I didn't ink it, because I wanted to get something up. I'll try to get some pages up in the coming weeks. I get out second week in May, so after then, there'll hopefully be regular updates again!
;D;)9 don't give up, you were so close!