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Shin Kerron
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Dear Readers, Final exams are coming up. Potential updates afterwards.

Side note: You don't wanna hear the sort of stuff I've been through this semester ><
>Inform secretary you had no intention of mass destruction (despite what destruction would probably have definately ensued) and you are going to be late to a prior engagement
I wanna be the guy is a game that some people made with the INTENTION of causing you to die as much as possible. It even keeps track of how many deaths you've had.
...creepy old man mouth... and nose...
In the name of dispelling rumors!
So, I poked my head into my comic since someone reminded me I haven't updated it in forever, and I start seeing rumors about me being dead. I'm hear to dispell those rumors. Sprite comicing isn't one of the things I find myself with a lot of time and drive for when I'm trying to work on a novel. Yes, you heard me right. I already have 50K words on a book I'm hoping one day might be publishable material. And since SAVIOR has no potential money-making as it currently stands, until I have something I'm satisfied with and feel like I can devote the time that it takes making the sprites I STILL need for future SAVIOR strips, just letting you know not to call this one dead just yet. Have a little faith, I honestly enjoy making comics and reading what people have to say about them, but sometimes other things take priority.

Still alive and kicking, and the want for comics is too.
Can Piplup really be the hero dood?
Hey, you're drawing your own backgrounds now. Coolness!
Shin Kerron
December 3rd, 2010

Happy Birthday Shard!
Farewell... Jinjonian.
IN THE NAME OF MEMES! *attacks a scouter*
Fastest comic I've made in a while, mostly due to lack of dialog to work in around the sprites. Enjoy!
IN THE NAME OF MINOR MILESTONES! *attacks a road marker*
By the way, 25 comics woo!
IN THE NAME OF PIZZA! *attacks the phonebook*
I promised a double update to make up for the lack of update last week, and I do not disappoint.

Well, nearly everyone's told me that the expressions are a yes, though I'm also debating on making the mouths done with the paintbrush too, but that's a bit iffy... for now I'll make the mouths pixilated like the rest of the sprites like I've been doing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need food.
In the name of making the comic more dynamic! *attacks the special effects*
I know I missed an update last week, I'll try to get you guys a second update sometime tomorrow to make up for it.

Ugh the special effects in this update fought me until about halfway through. Anyways, as you may notice I tried enhancing the expressions on the characters using some black lines made with the paint brush tool. Do you guys like? Dislike? If you want to see a side-by side comparison of this comic with and without the lines, click here

Enjoy the update!
...Is she... smileing in the last panel?
In game, Lumine Infintus is model X's portion of a six-part password. I won't go into further details, but since it sounds cool I'm using it in this comic. I'll also be using Model Z's part later on.

Also Inferno, remember that I'm probably in a diffrent time zone than you.
IN THE NAME OF UPDATING ON TIME! *attacks the last 31 minutes*
What are you talking about? It's totally noon!
The package moved the same distance as Vent, simple explaination.