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ly chee
Eii why hello there ouo/

I love orange \*u*/... and shoujo mangas e_e;; my all time inspiration is Usami Maki, Masami Tsuda and Chica Umino <333 I aspire to be like them someday *u* also my favorite kind of pairings are, well, het pairings~ eue

so i guess I'll be seeing you around? Hurr~
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and... MURDERING INNOCENT WILDLIFE HHOW COULD YOU *SHOTT* And... by wildlife does he mean animals becauseitwouldbereallyscarysincetheschoolhasmanyanimalsCOUGH O___O;;

Hehee the whole kingdom and army concept is so cutee XDDD <333

I wonder what he'll do if I scribble on the library books ('u' )~* *scribbles*
Lmao Psyco XDD

UUUU KANONNNN LONG TIME NO SEE YOU QAQ/ *glomps him to death* Heeee your art seems to have improved *u* It looks really good >u<-b!! Hope you'll be back with us soon ;u;!

Seranis - C-Chatroom?!? OAO;; Uwwaaa I-I'm no good when it comes to chatting ;///; *more of a lurker OTL*
Eeeh t-thank you so much angelove O///O And eternalbeliever thank you hehe I'm glad you could? X//DD *SHOT*

LOL fiery+ochahane XDD Height does matter huh *u* lmao studd XD Thank you btw ;u;

Crystalll thank you so much wahh ;A;!! I'm really happy you say that even though they aren't that unique >u<;; and LOL I think it's because I'm a perfectionist like that uuu TwT; *SHOT* M-Mangakas seem to have it hard O_O;; *looks at Bakuman* *SHOT* Hehe thank you \*u*/
Ah thank you Isu ;u;
Ehh ehe I only draw them when I'm not lazy "OTL
OAO W-Well//// I think it's just because I want to be an architect when I grow up though *///*;; And with this I think I'll get enough practice... But as of now I'm pretty much hopeless OTL

Thank you ;u; Lol he is always troubled XDD
Thank you Lane >A<!!
I'm glad you think so ;u;" I shall try my best Q(>A<Q)!!
Uuuu from this page, I found out that trees are harder to draw than buildings @A@;;; Ahhh I hate drawing fullbody but for this page, it just has to be like this OTL
And.. I'm sorry if the background looks crooked *had only little reference OTL*

since I'm a stubborn brat I choose to draw my backgrounds rather than use existing ones TwT;;

And as usual, critiques -> verywelcome <3
*tries to update more @A@;*
Yessss another update *A*!!! You guys are so quick now<333 XDD *envies*
KITAAAAAAA O//////O FRITZZZZZ <33333 Uuuuuuu so charming dgsjfdskf *///A///* *glomps* He doesn't look that girly at all O///O You did a good job on him *A*///!!! Uwwaaa I want more Fritzz TwT
LMAO Psyco+Kamahi XDDD

Psyco - We'll wait for you then! >A< Good luck with your exams btw lol mine's already overr *u*

Kamahi - Eeehh K-on huh XDD Is it the coloring OAO;; And n'aww you won't. But you will by Yoshi because you talked about his hairpin OAO!! *SHOT* jkjk XDD

Takai - Aaaa thank you ;A;!! Yes, yes they should *u*!! He'll be a clingy one though LMAO XDD I hope Honda won't mind OAO;;; *SHOT* Aahh that's understandable because I'm also working on mine TuT good luck on yours btw 'u'!

Cie - LOL I love guys with hairpins idk whyyy ;u;" AH LOL I was thinking of how he looks more like a cat than a tanuki too @A@ But identity issues will be fun LOL Yesyes draw Kanon *u* Ahh I think I'm gnna wait for all of you to get your breaks first afterall TwT Good luck with your exam >A<
OAO!!! Oh yeah I forgot about that >A<;;!! Thank you Kamahi for reminding me QuQ I'll go fix that asap @A@!!

And thank youu ;u; No need to shoot yourself OAO;;
Heehee school and such made things impossible for all of us @A@ Uuu I'm glad you like the idea? XDD Need to hear from the others first though ('u';) And it would be unfair if we go ahead when some of us still haven't got their break yet uuu;;;;

Oh, well I think he would b-- N'aww nevermind you stole him already lmao 8DD Thank you btwww <3
awaw the two of you makes an awesome combination :'D!!! Also, FRIIITZZ I bet when he goes out more fangirls will fall onto their knees ;u; <333 Even I can barely stand looking at him smiling on the banner LMAO//// *SHOT
Eheee I don't know why but I love the creepy onee-chan type of character ;;"

Crystal--, Ehh I'm going to be in the 10th grade in a month or so OAO I don't know about the extra year but here grade 1-6= elementary, 7-9=middle school, and 10-12=high school. Well, that's how it is in my place TwT;; Awaw;; I'm just very anal when it comes to my drawings orz

I choked on my drink when I saw the 4th panel OAO;;; H-He's scary OTLL And I thought MY principal is scary OAO;;
"Excuse me but I'm Gay!" OTL THAT LINE KILLED ME LMFAO poor girl ;3;"
wait so if he's gay I won't have a chance too? :C Bawww
Ohmy OAO;;!! LMFAO I love tha mini Honda being thrown onto the wall XDD <333 GKSGFKS I envy you can do things traditionally OTL If it's me I'll always be looking for the undo button or make some ctrl+z gestures while drawing "OTL /wrist you have pretty art btww ;3;/

Ehh~ Also, I want to ask you guys something 8D;;;
Have you all gotten your break yet? OAO!! Also, do you think a uh... 'field trip' will be a good idea @A@ I'm planning on making everyone go on a field trip but.. I think it would be a good idea to ask you all first so.. TwT; yeah XD;;
E-Everyone ;m;" I'm so sorry for disappearing orz I can't even start to say how guilty I feel leaving this collab alone "OTL But... Exams and all the stress are over! Summer break is here now ;u;!! I will try to be more active here now >A<!! And uhh.. I'm back with a new char ;u;" A tanukiii OTL

And don't judge me, I just like seeing guys with hairpins "OTL... ... WHY DO ALL MY CHARACTERS LOOK SO GHEI LOL OTL

Name: Yoshi
Age: Appears 16
Species: Tanuki/Japanese Raccoon Dog
Gender: Male
Likes: Foods (almost anything), Eating, Berries, Accessories, company, Uh.. Disguising (?)
Dislikes: people playing with his tail;; people judging his signature look (hairpins lmao), oh also.. LONELINESS OTL

Bio/Personality: The typical genki/jolly tanuki :'D He is pretty mischievous and sneaky, often found tricking people with fake money and all. As mischievous as he is though, he's also gullible and absent-minded. He can't even differ raccoon dogs and... Well, dogs. And even thinks that Honda is of his own kind OTL

As a tanuki, he is supposedly a master of disguise... In training "OTL. His disguises aren't yet perfected and can still be seen through(?) pretty easily. Yoshi is also very lazy orz, and when he's not occupying himself in some activity of some sort, all he does is eat and sleep 8D;;

Ability(?): Disguise, tricking people, sticking his nose into other people's business LOL;;;
A/N: Don't judge his hairpin unless you want to get a piece of him 8D;;
JHASDGHSAJFSGDKAJF OH.MY.GOD. */////* *wipes nosebleed* He's so cute aaaaaaaaaahhhh ;U; I want to steal him and make HIM my stepbrother safgshdfsjg */////*
A very late page;;;;
8D;;;; uh QAQ;; I-I'm sorry for the superlateness of this page ;__;" I missed so much and made you guys wait for so long already wwahh QAQ;;; *wrists*
I didn't know high school entrance tests combined with exams will result in this much intensity;;; orz I really hope I get to enter the high school that I've always wanted to go to QuQ;;

And also... There are so many things wrong with this page haha;; thoseplantsdon'tlooklikehouseplantsatall... (._.) I'll try to update more now that it's holiday already!! Q(>A<Q)
and thank you all for your patience(?) up to now QAQ;; thanks again you guys *huggs*

Also, critics -> veryvery welcome *A*!!
TSUNDERE GREG LMAOOOO XDD <333 I-I can't really imagine a tsundere pedophile LOLOL *u*

WHY, IT INDEED IS--IN A WAY. *SHOT* Awww I'm glad you think so thank you so muchh ;__; <3333 Awww as long as they don't get to her bad side, mebbi? *u* <3 Thank you ;m; I'm feeling very well now tho *u* <33 *hugs*

Epic Chibiii~~ LOL I'm glad it made you laugh xDD <333 AND GO JOINNN TAT!!! We'll be happy to have more peoplee TuT The more the merrier *u*!!