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February 5th, 2015
@ZHODY the delfinator: good call! i meant to fix that >.< you guys didnt see this one coming... I'M UPDATING AGAIN!!! Thanks to all the fans who are still following this comic! I've been really busy with work, but I can continue this manga now!
happy reading!
1 page/ 50 sit-ups. xD;;

I hope you like this even though not much happens...
hi guys. i was gonna stop writing this manga but then i made a deal with someone to keep writing. my art is kinda bad now.

thank you guys for keeping up with this manga. i guess all your waiting paid off =)
Sorry for the update delay everyone! I have finals coming up really soon so i really need to be studying instead of drawing manga. I'll prolly start updating again in mid - December.
sorryy! OTL

Meanwhile, in this picture, we have Saitou. He's the same bully from the previous few pages. This is a pic of him without his hair in a mini pony tail. I hope you like it! See you all in December!
wow! 250 fans! thanks for all your support!

sorry this has to be such a rushed page OTL
thanks for you comments!
i love this kid but hes a jerk =(
well..... 2 x 3 = 6....?
thanks for your comments!
that's how i hold my pencil btw xD
in case you can't tell, satoshi just tripped, and his hand landed on the girl's hands =(

Thank you for your comments!
this is a rewrite of my old manga, predestination
Hi guys! here's a page! Chino is short tempered but not completely stupid
ya you guys are psychic lol
ya im just gonna keep bringing on these boring pages. Dx
they're eating lunch and chino has rice stuck all over her face =\
lol boring page, they're on the school roof
to NanaYuki
LOL. I'm not worthy enough to make a tutorial anyway xD;;

But yeah. The the outline of this manga was based off a true story. The small details/dialogues are altered xD
i figured out my problem
i realized that the reason why i've been neglecting to draw this comic is the fact that cross hatching takes wayyyy too long. I've decided to ink this manga and tone it on the computer. This speeds up the updates a lot more...

I hope you guys are willing to let me exchange quality for faster updates. xD;;