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.....uhh.....what do I put here?
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Here you guys go...
I want to post what I got done, before I run away.

Yeah, I'm running away. The place I live in is a hell, and I want to live a life, where I can actually have fun. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Promise.
Did they say when it's coming out?
I like it!!! :D
You do better than me!! :D
Sweet, I'll like to see the fox sprites, but nice job, JBlack!!
... yeah...
This was a request. Requests are open.
I really like it. I think the legs are okay. The lighting is VERY well made. Also, the color palette is also good. I think I'm forget something, but I'm not sure. Nice job!! :D
I'll make it for you right away.
Polly's Gift
I support PollyXAbdie.

I made this to the link below. She's a great friend. :D
Okay, I'll drop the subject on the Dragon Ball Z, and go back on the sprite.
Is it good?
I've heard of it, but I've never watched it.
Well, that dumb. Was he suppose to be a powerful being?
I like it, but who died with one hit? Mecha Frieza or the guy with the good yellow hair?
You're welcome!! ^-^
I like it!! ^-^
This... is... epicly... AWESOME!!!
@Shadow knight 100: There were posts.

@Cerulean: I didn't forget.

@Shadow Lugia: Wave's not a pervert, also quit being a faget.

@BreakerLOLZ: This is the original awards comic, not some rip-off.

@Yamataro: What do you mean?
This was made by Wave, a message to tell the new owner of the SJA that it's been a whole year and he has done nothing. Please, tell us who last years/last months winners are/were.