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I am a long time fan of the comic medium, with tastes ranging from the big 2 super heroes to Golden age super heroes, to 60's and 70's Underground, to 80's alternatives and auto biographical comics.

I am currently working on the web comic The Brilliant Bella with artist Tiina Birgitta Räisänen!
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So the cat didn't get all the Indians!!!
what was she trying to tell her?
Another what?
Fountain? Giant? And what happened to the Rock?
Our bumbling crooks have found the jewels of Prague and are packing them away. Just one question - Where's Bruiser?
Ace and Bruiser are breaking in to the Middleton Museum. Night Guard, Ralph Johnson, watch out, the crooks are on the prowl and they take no prisoners! That is if they can get the dang back door open!
Mad Dog Murphy and his crew have broken into the Middleton Museum and have finally reach there goal, the third room of the visiting Prague exhibit, the room of gold watches and jewelry! Can the clean out the room and get out before they are discovered by Bella, Officer Dooley, or the night guard? Will the Golem's awakening interfere in their plans, or will he turn on the authority figures? Will anyone get out of here alive? Stay tuned and find out in our new Bella story "Feet of Clay!!!
While our mousy night guard, Ralph Johnson, is checking out the strange noise that he thought he heard, a clay statue that is part of the Prague exhibit, the Golem of Prague, has been awoken from his dormancy, and he seems upset! Will Ralph be able to find and apprehend the crooks? Will the Golem go on a rampage killing our security guard and many other people? Will Bella be able to arrive in time to restrain the Golem?
Stay tuned to find out!
Ohhhh! The kitty brought home an Indian!!!! Bad Kitty!!! You can catch all the elephants you want but leave the Indians alone!
Where the heck do those little people come from anyway? the comic is getting exciting!
There is trouble afoot and the Brilliant Bella is going to find out what it is!
Finally Bella makes her appearance! There is tones of excitement in store!
Will Bella stop the crooks?
Will Bella be able to stop the Golem from going on a rampage?
Will macho, Officer Richard Dooley, finally show up that very early of feminist, Bella, and put her in her place?
Will our night watchman survive the experience?
Stay tuned to the Brilliant Bella and find out!!!
The Golem has awaken, Mad Dog and gang are digging up some loot in the museum, and Ralph Johnson, the museum night guard is hiding in fear. In the mean time Donna DeAngelo, aka the Brilliant Bella, and her partner Richard "Dick" Dooley are trolling the streets of Middleton when they get a call for a missing policeman.
The Golem of Prague, after wakening in the Middleton Museum, is confused. The strange sights and sounds flood his mind as he tries to make sense of it all. And with the new impressions come old ones as well!
I love the way Jana looks! She reminds me of a 70's glam rocker like David Bowie or the New York Dolls!
You can see the next page and other really cool stuff at our blog -

We don't get paid for this. Our only reward is your satisfaction. Let us know what you think!
We started a new Blog!
We will now be posting the Brilliant Bella posts on our new blog and will post here 1 week later, so for those who can't wait for their Bella fix, go here -
We will also be offering offering original art for sale of popular heroes like Wonder Woman and Cat Woman! So, really, CHECK IT OUT!!!!!
We have a new Blog!
We started a Blog for the Brilliant Bella!

So for those who can't wait to see the new page of the Brilliant Bella we will post on the Blog first and Smack Jeeves later. We will also post extras like special original art of popular characters like Wonder Woman and Cat Woman! So check out the Brilliant Bella Blog!!!!
A new beginning!
This is the start of a new story line of Bella. We will post a new page every 2 days.
Stay tuned and have fun!
It's so nice to meet Tiina's father! Yes she is great! I'm very grateful to be able to work with her! She always pleasantly surprises me with each new page!
This is Rex the monster, one of the bad guys in -
The Calender Girls
These are Donna DeAngelo (aka Bella)'s friends the Calender Girls.
There is -
January Johnson - Short but loud.
April Martin - the dumb blond.
June Jones - the savvy one.
May Fields - the brain.
Auguste Hammond - the guy friend.

They will be along for the next adventure when -
Thanks for your honest and energetic comments Pandachu, It means a lot to us. It's true what you said about the dialog and caption and something that we will work on. This story is almost done but the next one is already in the works so stay tuned for new and improved episodes! And again, Thanks a lot!