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Manga Status:
Alice's Cross: Active
Acquaintance: Hiatus
Mou Sukoshi: Never

The book will be up for sale here - soon on 2015 and I will also sell them at local cons!
/ v \ ) reviving this comic
@VonSchweetz: sorry for the long wait dear ; 3 ;
Thank you for reading! o 3 o
I'll update again next month! * 7 *
February 27th, 2013
@Ryoko Son: ah yes it is * 7 *)! Thank you!
February 24th, 2013
this manga is alive!
Sorry for the long wait :)
"Hide and seek..."
Christmas Update
...I found you!"

Here is a two-page update for you guys, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Just a recap, Pinku and March Hare are in a mission to find Alice and bring her back to wonderland. They will then use Alice to lure the Mad Hatter which was the Queen’s lover (right now the mission is still vague, but it will be cleared up in the following pages and chapters). While searching for “Alice” she got hit by a window and lost consciousness. She then dreams, a nightmare. She is in a place where no voice or power can be used and she can only wander in darkness. A girl with rabbit ears passed by her, Pinku decided to follow her thinking the girl knows the way out but she thought wrong. As she follows the girl, she witnesses a terrifying event— a huge anthropomorphic rabbit kills the girl.

I hope the recap helps ;; v ;; )

Thank you for the reading!
@mumunga11: aww thank you very much o v o)<3
@FireBorg: ahhhh, the mysterious guy/gal is not important, no worries~ ' v ')/
@ArisaMAG: Yes yes that's it! :D
Lazily-drawn page.
Currently in the middle of schoolwork crisis but I really want to update this.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! Thank you for the 900+ fans //so happy
@silky_star: Oh my thank you ; v ;
Long time no update!
Things got busier for me but no worries this manga will be updated little by little * V *)
Thank you for the 900+ fans!

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It doesn't make sense yet ;; v ;;
The "strike 2" meant that Pinku got her face smashed again. Strike 1 was on chapter 1 page 8 * V *

Oh hi, it's been a while haha
I'm so stressed in real life that I can't draw manga pages recently. But i'm so glad there are still readers ; u ;

May 18th, 2012
Ahh your lines are so neat!
Your characters are cute too * 3* <3
slow updates
this might be the last update for the meantime.

I'll be back to college on Monday. There'll be less time to draw manga. But i'll update every 2 weeks or monthly!

drawing two comics at the same time is rough;;;
last update
last update for a while i'll be back to college next week.

Sorry for the confusing paneling here ; u ;