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I do not come on to this site much anymore, if at all. So do not expect much from me. (alsoIknowoverkillisalamenameyoucanshutupaboutit)

(1st man on smackjeeves who can brag about being the 1953rd comment on a single comic page)
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    do you want to know where i live too?
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December 18th, 2015
nice to find this right after finishing playing undertale for the first time. This comic is almost making me regret beating up sans.
I want that newspaper to exist in real life, name is too awesome to pass up.
don't worry, just write him off as a virgin and he'll be fine.

On topic, nice page.
Oh ya, this comic still exists. Almost forgot.
wallace's necklace almost looks like stitches on his neck, weird.
it's not THAT drastic, it just needs a little makeover and it'll look good as new.
loving this crazy bitch already.
Updates? In my Sire? When did this start happening?
fuck ya, it's back, with better art.
that is all
maybe I'm the one, maybe I'm the one, who is, a schizophrenic psycho.
I wasn't expecting some ground breaking masterpiece, but it was better then expected. One thing I really didn't like was the transitions, just very abrupt and annoying. Needs better voice acting blah blah same complaints as everyone else. Honestly just keep doing it, since eventually the VA will get better, the animations will get smoother, and everything will slowly start to suck less.
what challenges wait for them in pewter city? How about that annoying prick who blocks your path till you go to the gym and beat Brock. I hope he makes it into this comic somehow.
and I now love her...wait nope love emotion is gone, but that was a good little psycho speech.
1633 comments eh? Quite impressive, not record shattering, but impressive.
*laughs* This is hilarious

*sees it's about tormenting some guy with diabetes*......*laughs harder* wait..
parrotmon spamming sonic destroyer like a pro.
you know it's been awhile, what the fuck happened to neo again?
First panel: You are tearing me apart murder man!!!