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The thing about Foreverial Tiedup Jake is that he loves being tiedup and wants to lick other mice with his permanent Bolongna, Ham and cream cheese tongue and pass the virus to them that will fully delitize and change their organs and insides so that they end up being rope mummified, covered in permanent rubbery rope just like him. Literally a machine, literally like a machine and enjoying it. Tiedup like a mummy, changed forever, to live fully delitized and live wrapped like a mummy wearing the bondage like a form of permanent clothing that can't be taken off.

Foreveral Tiedup Jake, Rope Mummified permanently and enjoying it.
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    Schmendrick The Magician
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His name is Keegan the Corndog.
His shoes light up.

This is horrible! Soon Eric will grow his hair out over his eye! He'll wear fluffy armbands! He'll use an INVADER ZIM AVATAR ONLINE!
A scootaloo episode, super hero ponies, cute apples, and NIGHTMARE MOON.
This looks like it will be fun! =D

sure took long enough. :v
Lady Strong told us it won't be considered canon, though I remember one of the show devs saying before the movie was released that we might see her again in the normal ponies.

Rant away, there's little life here. A little adrenaline in the comments would do this comic good.
I'm inclined to agree. I've seen one of the musical numbers in it ("tonight is an important night" or something) and it was enough.
This thing turns my gut sour.
Mean Girls toy commercial with ponies. no thanks.
YES, fluttershy, YOU. I told you not to mess with my triops. >:<
Now they love YOU more than they love me!

did you make this? its not bad!
I'm liking it so far.
The spike and rarity gag was funny, probably my favorite part.
I think a lot of the jokes, like the derpy one and the one where twilight is explaining the effects of her potion dragged on for way too long though.

... yeah, I'm gonna stop at the crossover stuff..
Waita be uncreative, assholes.
I made a little shotacon type wizardy boy.
Here he is in his tunic, and there he is in his magical trappings.
I put him together from pokemon trainer sprites, and I've never tackled something like that cape before. Was difficult, but I think it came out ok.
Ah, ok, I thought you were saying that Irene was wrong when she said it was a good season.

I'm a little concerned how they'll do it too, but I know I won't be majorly fazed by it unless it's REALLY out of nowhere and silly.

Great to know we'll get another season! =D
Oh, and hello twilight theme~<3
shush jarkes, this season has been perfectly good.

I for one welcome our new Twilight overlord.
I really don't see the point of everyone whining about alicorn twilight - plot development and changes happen.
awww, she's cute.
Like the flares on her feet, good glow effect.
I think this is a stupid conversation, but I want to reply to Bruce and say that royalty CAN make a non-royal a member of the royal family as an heir.
I think it's called Lording, and it's like Knighting, but a greater honor.
And peasants rose to the ranks of kings literally all the time in history and folktale.

Celestia could make Spike a princess for all you guys should care, she does what she wants.
I would find that really fun...

and I don't think this personifies (ponsonifies?) the pokemon well enough.
too long, not reading. this'll be a good episode, don't worry.
Spike will learn a lesson and write a letter again - not a big deal.
Who doesn't like spike? :<
Plus we get to see winowna, tank, angel, opal and gummy interacting. We've been waiting for this episode since season 2!
hot ass jiggly-tummy yes

the other thigh that's facing the viewer should bounce along with the one that's 'behind' the stomach.
Is she having artblock?