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y u so mean!
you tease...tease not good. but I luffles anyway ^^
I know it has been forever since the last update
But out of every comic I've seen, this one is the best. Please start on it again?
The first set was cool because I didn't know the characters that well having not played that one yet, but OMG! Grey and Kai? wooow
I love the comic...but i can't say I played the game in which these characters are featured...
hehe, gooootta love the comic ^^ and I do, this is an interesting idea ^^
-nods- I agree with you guys! I have been waiting for that version since I became a yaoi fan...(which was after I started my harvest moon collection)
no waaaaai!
Harvest moon AND yaoiness(with Yuri!)? and to top it all off its actually well drawn... OMG yay!...okay I'm going to go back into my closet of solitude now....-hides and wait-