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LIKES:art, anime, yaoi, girls

HATES:jerks, most boys, uhhhh not much eles

HOBBIES: drawing, reading, living
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    Food - chan
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September 17th, 2011
She is obviously not over him
he cant say "will you marry me" Eric will have to assume and assuming things isnt good :0
i love this! very funny!
whut is going on.
pretty cool jizz i've gotta say
oh yea now thats a man
get that hair cut
ya look like woman
awesome :)
aw dat was cute
i think he dropped it just to buy him a new one so that he would show him that happy face?
to be honest im not sure what its about...
but i think im gonna fav it
lol but chin XD
butt chin?
update more often i love this story D:<
i do have to say i really dont like the way you've been doing hotaru hair :[ it's been way to flat
Tommy cosplay fail!
i love it keep freakin going!!! ;D
aw thats really sad :[ and it was his brothers fault?! what a bitch!
ah i love it and well it was worth the wait i hope you get better :[ i read about that on your y! galerry too :[