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t a b a c h o y
why am i trying so hard now when i didn't even put that much effort in the first place?
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i love this already! it's just...your style is addicting! it's so fun and cartoon-y! <3 i also envy your background skills and color palette ;3;
LOL, these two <33
& i loved the previous page. i especially love your panels. i like how the 4th, 5th & 6th panel made all three of them look like one person!
your welcome (:
oohh, it's colored! <3 haha, kylee is waaay too cute with his blonde hair ^q^
haha this comic is awessoomee. really love your styylle <33
awwwwww <3
i love ya denji <3333333
i love what jigsaw's wearing <3333

the colors are lovely ;3
this looks really interesting :)

i would really like to apply but i've never done one of these D; though it does look fun x3
yay :D
i was waiting for you to update! thank god you did! oh hush you! <33333 lmao! yess, i do have an sj account :O anyways, you're very welcome! i love drawing for you even though it took you FOREVER to update D<