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I wish I knew what to say here!

Um. I like homosexual romances, of both male and female varieties, BL comics, roleplaying, drawing, cute things and candy.
...the end.
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Oooh! You'll be in San Francisco? What a coincidence, I'm going there for vacation from the 3rd until the 18th. :'D

It'd be lovely to meet you, but, although I'm 18 and can make my own decisions, it might be a little awkward to tell my dad I want to go to such and such place to meet the artist of my favorite gay comic. But I kind of am partial to the idea of finding a way. ouo
This. This is what the internet was made for.
This entire comic amuses me to no end. It's amazing.

y u no more fans got?
Wow! This looks very nice. Using dip pens is difficult, but I love it. It seems so professional looking when pen and actual ink are used. Oooh.

And baw. Lookit that lopsided smile. <3
I'll be 18 in a couple months. c:

...this page makes me giggle for some reason. For like. No reason whatsoever. :'C
Pff. They're both so manly.
There for... They're both /seke/. Ahaha? :'D They're super-switches man.
Like superman. Only /better/.
Looks great. But. ...Sebas-chan? I don't see that. ono Maybe if Sebby and Grell had babies. But. Nahhh.
Sexy page thpugh, mmyes.
Only around 50? Man, I could have sworn this thing had more than that ;C It's not often you find good BL style comics with you know, an actual PLOT and decent art? (I should know, my faves are crammed with badly plotted BLs with nice art, and great plotted BLs with HORRIBLE art.)
This one? S'a real gem of a find. C;
The names that spring to my mind are Nathaniel, Will, Mickey, Daniel, Marley, Nicolai and Cameron.

Last names Smith, Jones, Nikkson, and Harbrooks
Ha. A random excuse for me to ask random questions that make no sense.
...he gets props for Ramones. ;D

I still have not had any hand with the writing of this beauty, but, by the next chapter I will make my appearance >: O

I feel the need to comment anyway.
Even if just to say: we love you all : D


>:C Grow a spine, woman! Even your scribbles are amazing!
Pff. Mistar lumbahjack there is actually insanely adorable. Haaaa. |D
So. Um. Hi. Co-Author here.
Well, hiiii there! Name's Ouk, I'm your resident co-writer.
Please go easy on me and my amature script writing skills. oTL;; I will try my hardest to give you all words that sound natural and not forced.


I am working on my own comic too! C: A cyber punk BL known as worldToxin. You should read that too, maybe?
I actually meant 'a lot'.

And well. If you want a light little love smack... maybe I'll just have to smack you >:C
I think you've gotten a kit better : D

The panels look gorgeous, I think.
Buck up <3 Or I will give you a light little love smack and go back to gushing over that eye panel. x:
All I can say is XD

And I second the motion of wishing that two times favoriting was possible.
...or five.
But that's just me.
: D
Pff. Stripclub.
...i'm sure he'd be the top stripper. Lookit all that money fallin' out of his pocket.
He gets paid well. -shot- >A>;;

...and oof! I missed the application date D: Like the lazy douche I am. -le sob-

Congrats C:
I'm kind of surprised this only has 100 :C
This deserves more, but then... shoujo ai isn't very popular.
I really don't know why though. :C It's so cute.

As usual good work, dollface.
Oh my... Ren looks a little insane and stalkerish in that fourth panel.
...kind of like a pedophile. :C

...and I so want to punch Monday right now.
Or kick him where it hurts. Multiple times.
-crumples up paper-
That drawing was crap. v___v

But this page isn't.
That's so cute. *CHUU!*