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I like hunting,videogames,guitar playing, sonic mario and megaman. I play dunngeon runners by NCsoft great game. i am 6'2 blond hair not real long hair like a medium i play basket ball baseball and football.
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this is so messed up there are so many comic's im never going to know what in the heck is going on but ill ready any way
Yea you replyed
@Corrupt the Echidna. okay i haven't made a sprite sheet or comic in forever so im feeling up for a challenge so if you want a new sprite i have some of my own hedgehog sprite's and there not all recolors so if you need help or anything let me know
This comic is so epic im faving and reading alway's. is that other sonic your sprite or a recolor cause it look's like you made him

Yes it will happen agian or. Or Dhk say's for them to all leave and if they don't he kick's there butt's
Does it really matter if hes holding right or not maby its a diffrent modle launcher
I know why
Nintendo had to cut back on some things thats why there is all black at the end the other stuff i dont know anything about
lol wow didnt see that comeing
@ZerotheHedgehog: lol

And i think that shadow knuckles luigi bass and protoman and luigi and yoshi arer all comeing back
go yoshi go find luigi he need's you to guide him
well good no help leads for interesting things anyway
Opens door
*EEEEEEEEKKKKK* ...opss sorry mam my you look good I like this room.
May 10th, 2010
Sup its been a while
the intro was good but this page not so much but dont worry genius is comeing
March 31st, 2010
Zario sweet but
i can't post any more.......things have come up that arnt very good its why i havent posted and never will so bye
Ok those hornets sonic fought don't move as fast as him and the laser they shot at sonic in the game moves really slow so megaman put out fast moveing more dangerous hornets yes megaman
Well ummm just started reading and well sweet comic!!!! XD
ok well either way that was wierd (not the comic something else with the comic...oh nevermind its complicated) either way love your comic.
come on megaman you better win take xs armour that would unleash some power on every one