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Lettuce celery-brate that I finally got another Checkout Lane comic out! :D

I hope you don't think berry bad of me for this punnery ;P
Finally an update!
One advantage to a slow con- Getting to finally draw stuff! Including a long waited Checkout Lane comic!

I'll admit this one has been in the works for a while. I had the dialogue for the first three panels planned out, but I had forgotten what the ending punchline was going to be for the last one... DARN MY CHICKEN SCRATCH WRITING!
All 100 of em!

Well... more like 94 of them now XP.

I haven't gotten things ready for shipped orders just yet. I have yet to get the envelopes for shipping them and also.... I'm going to need a little more time to finish making some extra goodies that will go with them! It's the first printing so I need to make it extra special!

What are these goodies you say? Aside from getting a lovely signed copy of the first print of Checkout Lane, you will also get a Checkout Lane themed bookmark AND a mini Mandy drawing in an "alternative uniform"!

What do I mean exactly by "alternative uniform"?

Remember when I drew Mandy in Terra's outfit? Or when I dressed her as Edgeworth and Angel Lily?Figure something like those :D I've come up with 8 ideas that will be given out at random.

Now for the biggie- the price.

For shipping in the states, the price will be $18 USD. That is with included shipping. I haven't quite figured out of US costs just yet.... Right now I'm thinking of having it $20 USD. Payments will be accepted via PayPal ONLY.

Until I have a good majority of the extras made, I will not be taking payments. But I will be taking reservations for those interested in ordering! :D

Plus that will give me a good idea of how many extras to have ready >_>;

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note!
Well... The printed proof that is!
It has been a long time coming, but I have finally gotten to getting Checkout Lane in print!

The cover turned out super awesome and now it is just to double checking the pages to make sure everything printed out correctly.

After that, it is back to the presses to get more books!
Phew! Finally about time that I've gotten a comic up. And it is a special guest comic no less!!

This comic idea was a combined idea. Well... Che kinda came up with the idea and then we bounced ideas back and forth on what the comparisons would be. After some sketching, inking and Photoshop magic later, here it is!

Hmm... Who knows, I just might see about making this a thing to do when I get guests around here P:
Phew! That was the longest hiatus I have ever taken from CL. Though... I think I did need it. Work had been really hectic over the holidays and it didn't make drawing Checkout Lane stuff any fun. Plus no good ideas were coming to me easily... I do have a notebook of some old ideas of which I'm gonna see about working on while also trying to fine tune some new ones.

I will say, I did miss drawing our favorite little cashier :3
Been ages since I've done a Checkout Lane stripe. And I finally came up with a comic AND used a new pencil to draw this :D Helps subtract an extra step in the comic drawing process.

Also had this really happen. I told the guy his total and he just walked out. Didn't say that he was going to come back with more change. Didn't say that he wanted anything off. He just.... Went off. o_o;
So needless to say that I've been playing a lot of Mario and Luigi - Dream Team. I do love the style and I thought I would give drawing Mandy a try in the style. And she turned out super cute :D
Whatever happened to ye ol' paper apps?
If you couldn't tell, kinda on hiatus
With summer being around and with us loosing two cashiers, hours have gotten longer and... more requests have gotten denied. And I know it doesn't go for everyone but it always feels like yours is the one that ends up being the first denied.

._. Gonna be a long summer if this keeps up.
Kinda sorta back
Just when she thinks she is over one hurdle, another one pops right up.

I'm trying to get myself back in the swing of doing Checkout Lane comics. I will admit that I have been rather sluggish to say the least of doing them. Part of it could be due to the changes going on at work... Changes that leaves me feeling a bit uncertain about things... That and didn't get a solid yes or no on a raise. I'm gonna try and keep my spirits up and also try and get some old ideas that I've jotted down over time done. That might make drawing the comics a little more easy to undertake.
I will admit that the past few days here have been really nice and I COULD eat outside... But the only problem would be that I wouldn't want to go back in. That or loose track of time since I don't wear a watch n_n;
Ugh... There is sometimes a reason why I regret making this all hand drawn- It is redrawing all the details on those darn registers :I

But I hope this was worth the wait!
These punch cards can be such a pain.... They are messy, they slow things down, and they make more of a hassle for us up front. We've done this thing three years in a row and I figure it was about time that I did a comic on them.
I couldn't think of a BUTTER tile to this one. So I figure I would BUTTER you guys up with the long needed Checkout Lane comic~

It is so nice to ink and not deal with panel planning again <3
It's been a while since I've just drawn these guys just for fun. And what more fun than to draw them as chibis!
The End of another chapter!
Phew! I never thought I would make it to the end of this, but I did it! 30 pages can be quite a bit of work, especially when it is all drawn in pencil x_x

A big thanks to everyone who read this and to my buddies who helped me big time with dialogue issues.

I'll be getting back to regular Checkout Lane comics after this :D
One more page to go!
Two more pages to go!
It has been so nice to draw the King and Queen again. :D