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@TheMewgon40: HOLY CRAP I DID!!! 6 years in advance!!!
@Guest: Hey why not! Go ahead. Send a PM some time when or if you go through with it!
the being
August 3rd, 2016
SkunkWitch: Oh, unfortunately so. u_u

@Tehpikachu: ripparino & cheese
the being
August 2nd, 2016
That's all folks!
Thanks all 38ish of you, and some lurkers, for following me through this journey.
I'm happy that I could manage to see this comic through to the end.
I thought about trying my hand at having it printed, actually. And may do that at some point, if just for myself. Very short comic, but I wanted to have something completed under my belt as an artist and story teller.

Since this comic I haven't worked on anything comic-related- but I'll keep ya'll posted if i do...! I have stories in my head all the time. But it's choosing which ones is the right next step.

This comic was a big departure from my last, of course. No pokemon, no color- humans, closer to real life.

Anywho, I uh, feel very critical and kind of dislike a lot of the execution in this comic, but that's what happened when you dont post it until a year later. xD

Thank you so much for reading!
The final stretch!
Only a few more pages and it's done! :)

@Flame Shadow: Oh, certainly one plan. As we see here it's a bit of a selfish and odd plan, but hope it works out!
Boy oh boy
This was quite an amusing start! xD
Hum, I wonder how 'modern' this world is then, hmm. x3
Oh dear!
It's a stand off!

...cursing. I never really understand the real general genuine opinions of cursing in things......
Maybe I'm just a sailor mouth and I curse too often. But many find cursing in media just somehow unfitting or "not good dialogue" or...i dunno.
But I feel like in this context, calling someone curses is kinda fitting. I mean, I'd be cursing for sure.

But hey I'm talkin' and back years ago i filled a pokemon comic with cursing that I wanted to go back and censor out. And fortunately stopped using curses i nit too when I realized how dumb it was there, but anyway.
Oh my word
the 6th panel is horrendous and I want to strangle the drawing arm of my past self when I drew it. xD
Augh so stiff and lopsided and confused.
Despite working for years on comics, they've always been intimidating for this reason that you can get lost in so many aspects of making them....aye me.
Should be more blood, really. :P
The comic may teeter the line of symbolism/stylism over actuality too much and too inconsistency, and I do apologize.
Really I don't think its proper for the author to bash on their own work while presenting it to readers, but I just want to acknowledge the flaws I see in it now. And I'll proobably keep doing so as we get closer and closer to the ending.
Which I worry no one will like....
but whatever, it's finished, after all! I don't have to worry about such pressures.
How will the story continue?!
In the third panel uh, it's supposed to communicate another cop walked in- uhh...i dont think i did a good job of that >_>"
1- haha None is funny taking his advice so literally

2- yeah....its uh, probably not at all sensible of a cop to be carrying his GUN AND KEYS in an interrogation room. In fact it's 90%+ likely its against the rules in any proper police station.

3- oh shit None killed a cop. Wait how come no one is rushing in to deal with him?
Oooo hit a spot there.

I'm terribly sorry if the dialogue up to this point and here after has stunk. xD
I shouldnt speak unconfidently of my work I suppose but jeez when you've finished something months an months ago you tend to not want to hold it so close to yours chest, haha.
@Tehpikachu: Buahahaha, are you so sure? :P may be right.
@Clan: Hahahaha, she's pretty much wrapped herself up in this, hasn't she. xP
@Flame Shadow: IF it gets found! Someone'd have to bring attention to it...! Wonder who would do such a thing....~

@Clan: Hahaha, certainly not!
Jeez None is bossy. :I
@Clan & Flame: Hahah, well, considering its the base of criminals....I don't think they'd feel like reporting cops wouldn't have a reason to crack down on THEM, heh.

.....I mean. That's the thought None probably has. Sounds like trouble either way.
@SkunkWitch: Haha, yep! :) Glad you picked up on that implication!
@Clan: You'd be surprised! But it's more like a club, not so much a restaurant. x)

@SkunkWitch: SSSH don't tell him that! 0__0