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I can't believe Sting agreed to be in Home Store for our milestone 50th Page Spectacular.
We just can't. It's not possible.
Today's date is not April 1st, unless you are looking at this on April 1st.
In that case, I should have made it a 40.
This one made a lot more sense than the other one. And I laughed. But the laugh overed quickly, though, because Gordon Fr--- fffffff......
I couldn't stand to let people read through them, get to the end, and think we gave up because of the "format change". We stopped making these because of the to well and there.
I realized that shower tiles were compatible with dry erase marker, and chapter 2 unofficially began.
We are working on getting the ratings up by not doing anything to tell people about it. I think it is working.
Alex had to go through hours and hours of expensive surgery to get that A on his chest. I don't really understand the elasticity; it just sometimes happens and sometimes does not.
GUEST COMIC, done by fallen_serenity ( )
Nobody is wearing a shirt in this comic. Unless you mean you would purchase a shirt with The King of Spain on it......
Also also
I've been waiting for HappyFaceAnon to do the next one, but he's been out of town and doing finals. Homestore should be updated "soon".

As for the presidential order, I only take orders from the President of the Internet.