My name is William Boyer, I am a freelance cartoonist with 4 years of college classes in Biblical Studies and 3 years of Digital Effects and Animation college classes under his belt.

He is a freelance artist and has illustrated a children's book for a client and is currently working on the second book in the series. He is also a self-published comic book artist.

If you like my work, hire me freelance for your own projects and comics.
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Hello, everyone!

We're back!

We'll be updating the missing Space Worm chapter, as well as including pages such as the one above that were created for the trade paperback but were only released previously online at our Patreon ( ), until August 2018! So come back every Friday/Saturday every week around midnight for the next year plus! Until then! ;-)
@KinglyPeasant: Thanks!
The new webcomic URL is and but I hope to place the newer content here as well.
Hey, peeps!

Sorry that SuperMilo disappeared from SmackJeeves!

We're now on and have been since 2013!

Please donate to our KickStarter Campaign! We have until May 27th, 2015!
Hey, peeps!

Sorry that SuperMilo disappeared from SmackJeeves!

We're now on and have been since 2013!

Please donate to our KickStarter Campaign! We have until May 27th, 2015!
Here's the last of the old updates. Tomorrow, if nothing goes wrong, we'll be up to date with / updates and so will the other upload mirror sites of SuperMilo.

Here's the original comment that appeared at / on 26th Oct 2013 at, you guessed it, 12:00 AM on the dot. Bookmark the new website, peeps! Anyway:

"Hey, everybody!

I know, I know... Geese aren't green like ducks, but I don't care. It looks good, lol.

Sorry for the slow update pace of one comic a week. Lately I've been thinking of turning that into 2 comics a week, but I'm not sure I can do that. I'm so busy in life that I only get comic work done while at work these days. And that's VERY inconvenient and I think sometimes bad for my line art, what with all of the distractions and having to stop and work. The reason I do art work at my job is simply out of necessity. But that's partially my fault. I'm too distracted by everything else while at home. I usually end up script writing or coloring instead of drawing line art while off work, and that's only when my wife is working. When she's off work, I try to spend my time with her instead. Which means I also have to get any house and yard work and errands done on my days off while she's at work too. But, MAN! Even I think SuperMilo is progressing WAY slower than it needs to. If you think so too, please comment!

Speaking of progressing slowly, I don't have that issue #2 printed yet. Kinks in the plan revolving around money. Speaking of money, I've been putting together a custom superhero costume. It's a Gospelman costume, based on my Christian comic book series of the same name. Yeah, I'd be reporting this news on that comic, but I haven't really done any new Gospelman material since about 2012. I'm hoping to change that, but I'm only just one man, after all. Can't do everything. But, Lord willing, maybe I can do some children's ministry outreach or something with the costume. I dunno. But it's not complete yet and it would be better if I lost a little weight first, ha ha ha...

Anyway, some commentary... The current chapter, which is almost done, was conceived quite some time ago, but actually conceived and written after several chapters that haven't been drawn or shown here yet. I placed it earlier on in the story for several reasons. I think it flows well from the Sleeping in the Park chapter and brings us back to the titular character. I'm sorry we focused on Stripes and the customers of the Jazz Cafe for too long back in 2011 when I started that chapter. If I hadn't have been fighting a hiatus, that chapter would have been done and over with much sooner. But it did give me a LOT of time to work on my scripts. Both fortunately and unfortunately (for those who'd rather we focused on SuperMilo), that Poetry with Stripes/Shades of Blue chapter (Chapter 4) has become the spring board for storylines years to come. Years because of the slow update pace, mind you. But I'm planning to intertwine plenty of SuperMilo filler chapters between heavy plot chapters wherever the flow would make sense and be uninterrupted. We have about 13 chapters so far to be drawn and uploaded before finishing what I hope will be the first trade paperback collection which leads into an action packed main series that starts with a elongated, drawn-out flashback of the true origin stories for SuperMilo and his friends. It's my plans, however, that this main series "Month One" type origin story - ideally collected in its own trade paperback - will only be offered to readers in print form through IndyPlanet's website, local comic shops, and from me when I set up at comic conventions. As all important as the origin story really is, it will majorly disrupt the flow of the developing stories that Chapter 4: Poetry with Stripes has spring boarded. I'm hoping to continue on with the comic strip's flow online. I'd like to stay on track with the developing stories. It's possible that I could however publish these comics as a separate webcomic online, though... Speaking of the "Month One" origin comic, the line art and colors are already under way for the first issue in that series. Which I hope isn't too noticeable if my art style changes by the time I get that far in the strip series. There will be a tie-in.

In other news, I haven't been updating this comic in the other webcomic upload sites due to time constraints.

Adios! Until NEXT SATURDAY!! Remember, SuperMilo updates EVERY SATURDAY at about 12:00AM sharp!!

...Oh, and "Happy All Saints Evening" this Thursday! Nyuk, nyuk!"
Here's the original comment that appeared on / on 19th Oct 2013, 12:00 AM:

Bonjour! Do you have any Grey-Poupon?

No? That's okay, but here's a new SuperMilo comic! Like I said, we're coming to the close of this chapter. And I'm excited! Know why? Because we're soon starting on a VERY lengthy chapter that I AM STILL CURRENTLY DRAWING!! Which would be scary if it wasn't for the fact that I'm so darn ahead of update schedule.

Remember, send all of your fan mail and fan art to:

Also, be on the look out for the new printed SuperMilo comic, collecting every comic strip from Christmas 2009 until the end of the Poetry With Stripes/Shades of Blue chapter of 2013. It'll be in your local Winston-Salem, Lewisville, and surrounding areas comic shops! I'm also changing out a couple of pages of and re-pricing the original issue #1 of the comic strip (collecting everything I made in 2009, except the Christmas strip and message) and will be offering that in shops as well. Copies will be EXTREMELY limited unless sales are good. Let you know when they go up for sale. This is an automated update, so it's possible they're already in shops, but not likely due to my financial budget. Stay tuned to my Twitter account: CartoonistWill.

Here's the original comment that appeared on this over at / on 12th Oct 2013, 12:00 AM:

Konnichiwa! ...Or something. Give me an EGG ROLLL!!!! OM NOM NOM!!!

We're almost done with this chapter! Woo-hoo! Anyway, how are you liking it? I'm thinking that updates are taking WAAAAAYYY too long to unveil the story! I'm sorry, but I think it's best this way. Puts a LOT less stress on myself. Right now, at the time of writing this (10-03-13; I like automatic updating), I am STILL unpacking my house. The work NEVER ends! Anyway, I wish I could start doing 2 updates a week. The story is just progressing far too slowly, really. Our next chapter will be HUGE too. We'll even have an intermission (unless we keep that for the printed books only) and break the chapter up into two parts. It's THAT big.

If anyone was wondering, I think the old blind man's name is "Fjord" with two dots over the "o."

Also, be on the look out for the new printed issue - Issue #2! It contains at least one image not seen online yet, which is a MiloTeams Staff Page. I don't know how to post that as a separate webpage yet. I just don't want it to appear as a comic update and make you guys feel robbed, you know? The printed comic will contain all of the online published comics from January 2010 to the end of the Poetry With Stripes/Shades of Blue chapter in 2013 when we came back from Hiatus. It will also contain Christmas 2009 greeting and comic strip, as well as a behind-the-scenes page, the Back From Hiatus Message, and fan art from Cassie Davis, Jay Gobble, Paul Kaminski (Asst Editor of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic), and others!

See you on the Sabbath! Oy vey!
Here's the original comment posted over at / on 5th Oct 2013, 12:00 AM:

Yo, peeps!

Ooooh, still no comments, I see... But page rates stay consistently high. Anyway, drop a line anytime, and remember - you can send fan mail or fan art to:

Please e-mail us if you have any feedback on how the comic is and how we're doing. Anything we can improve on? Any complaints?

We'd even start a letters page in the printed version of the comics, if we actually got letters, lol.

In other news, I - and maybe my partner in comic crime Tommy Gray, as always - were supposed to appear at the Winston Salem Comic Convention this year, but that got canceled. Our appearance, not the con. It's complicated and not important why, but the convention kicked off a month earlier than the past several years and went very well. I attended as a regular con-goer and chatted it up with other writers and artists, bought some comics, and had a good time.

However, I did send the files for A NEW PRINTED ISSUE of SuperMilo to the Ka-Blam printing company. Although not out in time for the convention above, it should be for sale online at and appear at future conventions as well as hopefully be carried by local comic book shops, like Burke Street Comics (which I think is on Burke Street, downtown Winston-Salem, right off of 4th Street near Out of Our Minds Animation Studio) and Classic Comics in Lewisville. Possibly other local shops as well, so be on the look out. One thing I have to note is that the price of the comic will be more expensive this time around. I was selling the previous issue at $1.50 when it was costing me $2.70 to print it, plus shipping and handling. This next issue will cost $5.00 in person, at cons, and at shops, but only $4.50 online (because I'm not paying for the shipping and handling if you purchase it online). Sorry about that. It's because Ka-Blam uses REAL darn good paper and it isn't cheap to print with them. Cheaper in the short run than paying a printing company in China $5,000 for $5,000 colored copies of a comic that might not sell, though. That'd be cheaper in the long run, for sure ($1 per book!), but who has that kind of money? Gravy Boy comics do, but not I, my friend, not I.

The new printed issue contains at least one image not seen online yet, which is a MiloTeams Staff Page. I don't know how to post that as a separate webpage yet. I just don't want it to appear as a comic update and make you guys feel robbed, you know? The printed comic will contain all of the online published comics from January 2010 to the end of the Poetry With Stripes/Shades of Blue chapter in 2013 when we came back from Hiatus. It will also contain Christmas 2009 greeting and comic strip, as well as a behind-the-scenes page, the Back From Hiatus Message, and fan art from Cassie Davis, Jay Gobble, Paul Kaminski (Asst Editor of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic), and others!

See you next Saturday!
Here's the original comment that first appeared on / on 28th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM:

I'm actually making fun of (or fun with) K & W Cafeteria, which is a popular franchise restuarant in the areas I've lived in. Yes, even the real Clemmons has a K & W. Around these parts many actually do call it "Kanes and Walkers" because older folks frequent it there the most often (or so is the stereotype; my own grandmother often frequented there, so I guess it could be a true stereotype, ha). Later on I'll make fun of Taco Bell. My wife wants to call it, "Toxic Bowels," lol.

If you notice the sky, I didn't like the way I was using a gradient, so I eventually did away with the gradient. I went back and redid the sky backgrounds in earlier comic strips as well, although I don't plan on re-uploading those. You'll see the corrected sky coloring in the printed version or later on my Deviant Art.

Speaking of printed versions, if all goes well I should already have a table for this coming up Winston Salem Comic Convention. I think it's the last Saturday in October. Wear a costume and get in at a discount. Hopefully I'll be selling a new printed SuperMilo book there. Details later, but most likely will be held at the Holiday Inn on University PKWY, Winston-Salem, NC.
Here's the original comment that was posted at / on 21st Sep 2013, 12:00 AM:

Hello, everyone!

I came VERY close to not getting this one out on time! Well, my wife and I had a great vacation up in Williamsburg, VA, and we're still unpacking our things into the new house, but at least I have my computer and drawing table up right now. Been very busy lately due to the new house, vacation, etc, and my art work has sadly taken the back seat again. I did get one 3-panel drawn yesterday at work though. Today's my day off, then back to work I go again tomorrow.

Today's comic was not originally scripted, but was created off of the top of my head as page filler due to printing issues once the printed book is made. Namely, I'd have half a page blank with no content on the printed page if I hadn't have made this filler. The one where SuperMilo shows us his wallet is also filler content, for example, to fix that problem.

See you next Saturday!
Here's the original comment that appeared at / on 14th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM:


The last of the automatic updates I had ready a few weeks back!

Hopefully I'll already have an update ready for this coming Saturday as well. :-)

This comic originally came after the one in which he objects to being called a "little boy," but I needed to add the previous due to printing problems. I have some full page strips coming up and not having the previous view of the wallet - as well as another gag - would have messed up the printed page by leaving large blank gaps.

So, if you don't fully get today's gag, then please go back two strips and read from that point forward. Thanks!

And if you are wondering why that tree branch is lying broken on the ground, please read here:
Here's the original comment that appeared on / on 7th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM:

Welcome back!

This is another automatic update. I hope I'm hard at work coloring and drawing more things, because the automatic stuff is almost up!

I asked myself when I drew today's comic: what would Milo keep in a wallet? I have here two photo memories: a snapshot from his origin story with the "Mysteriously Helpful" stranger who gave him the superpowers and ability to walk and talk like a man. Also I have here a photo of the first purse snatcher he took down. You can see a photo of him stopping for ice cream during this here: And, once catching the mugger, you can see a photo of him handing the woman a camera to take this photo here: Yes, I try to put in these little continuity details. :-)

SuperMilo doesn't have a job, so he's not likely to be found with actual money. Here he has one of those fake $2 bills... Wait, I meant to draw a $3 bill with Bill Clinton on it, lol. Oh well, so he managed to get his hands on real money after all, lol. I don't ever see $2's so I forgot they were real. Ha. Anyway, he also has a Canadian bill, which interests him as he thinks they're money is funny and he seems to have an afinity for Canada. He also seems to have an infinity for the Jewish, and on his driver's license you can see where he claims to be Jewish. He also claims a lot of other untrue things. For example, it's highly doubtful that the address is correct (I haven't decided yet), but it's true that he lives in Clemmons City, NC (based and named after a real small town and nearby city in NC). It's not true, however, that his class is "F" (although he would have gotten grades similar to that if he'd ever been to a school), his endorsement only says "moon" because he thought he was asked what "Endor" from Star Wars was, and his hair is definitly not "flowing," although he wishes in his dreams (and his delusional, mental self-image). Did I miss anything? If I did, try to figure it out. ;-) And, yes, that's a button sticking out too...

What you're likely not to figure out is the yellow and red card he carries. It's an actual real "Superhero Discount" card which is only in reference to this strip here:
Here's the original comment posted at / on 31st Aug 2013, 12:00 AM:

"Hey, again!

Well, my wife and I are currently moving, so this is an automatic update - as usual! But no worries, the next two Saturdays' updates are pending in the system as well and I should be up and running again soon!

Back in March when I drew this chapter, I was having a real blast. It was the first SuperMilo comics I had drawn since before the hiatus. I really like how SuperMilo's line art looks this chapter, as well as the interesting old blind man's design and personality. Did I mention that I based his design after a character from a Twilight Zone episode? Also, Lucky is based after a dog that I really owned once. Anyway... Until next time!

By the way, apparently "Allie Oop" is also a very interesting comic strip about a time-traveling cave man. I want to read that sometime!"
Here's the comment that appeared at Comic Fury on 24th Aug 2013, 1:06 AM:

"Hey all!

Tommy here updating for Will because he couldn't get to a computer with internet access. Here is what I believe is suppose to be today's comic in good ole black and white! Will has informed me that he has colored this one as well but seeing as he doesn't have access the internet at the moment he couldn't upload it or email it to me to post. On the bright side I do happen to have the next 10 comics that I can upload in his absence if it comes to that. Only problem is with the ones I have is they are all still in black and white. Meh, better than nothing though. Hopefully Will can get online and post the color version soon, but if not maybe we could market it as a coloring book sheet. (Just kidding by the way...) Hope you all get a good laugh out of these. There's plenty more where they came from. Until next time viewers. Same Cat time, same cat channel... err... website!"


"Hey, all! It's Will!

Sorry for the original lack of color on this one. But here's the colored version! Thanks to my buddy Tommy, we were able to make sure the comic didn't even temporarily go on another unexpected hiatus again! Thanks, man!

For those of you unaware, Tommy Gray is our friendly neighborhood webmaster. Pun intended, true believers. Exelcior!

Anyway, I have a staff page, but maybe I'll post that on a special page or wait until we are between chapters. I'd really love not interrupting the reading flow with non-comic things, however. The staff page will be printed in our next upcoming printed book, coming soon, however. I will update when that happens to let you know.

My wife and I will be moving (are currently moving already) this week end (08-31-13 to a few days into September) and my computer may be down during the move. No worries, however, because I'm uploading the next couple of weeks worth of comics. We shouldn't have any troubles, but if we do, our pal Tommy can come to our aid in a pinch.

Until next time, Web-Heads! ...I mean, SuperMilo readers! ;-) "
I'm Back!
I'm back!

Actually, I never went anywhere and we were never on hiatus this long. Again, I mean, for a second time. I've only been updating at Comic Fury ( due to time constraints. But the comic will update once a day until we catch up two Saturdays from now with, hopefully, a new comic strip which will be the same that will update universally on all sites. We hope.
Hey, everyone!

Sorry for the 3-panel strip today. I love these though - they're quick gags, less work, and help me get ahead. Mostly I love them because I think a 3-panel gag is my strong point (is it though?), but getting ahead doesn't hurt either. I considered updating the comic twice a week so none of you would feel cheated, but, well, it is what it is.

Oh, notice the dates on these? I've been forgetting to mention this, but those dates don't represent the date they appear online. That's what I did before the hiatus, similar to how newspaper comic strips are dated for what day they appear in the paper. But I'm doing something different. Instead I am now dating them based on when I drew the line art. Yep. Hope you all don't mind. I just like it better this way for some reason.
Ta-da! Another colored!

I'm getting a little tired of coloring, but I guess I just have to keep pressing on.

This chapter is a filler and is comedy based. So that's good for everyone (including myself) who was getting tired of the last chapter. A return to SuperMilo!

My wife and parents make a cameo in this comic strip, as well as Burke Street Comics in down town Winston-Salem.

Don't like how slow the comic is progressing, but I want to give you all my best, so I guess I'll keep doing one a week in color. Besides, I don't EVER want to put myself in the position of going on Hiatus EVER AGAIN! lol. Adios!
Will here! Got some GOOD news, guys! And some bad news... And more good news!

The good news is - my wife and I bought a house!

The bad news is that the comic might go down if I can't color the next comic - or the next comic might instead appear in black and white. Seeing as how I hate hiatuses and have vowed their eternal death, be aware of possible black and white updates (already saved to a flash drive in case of emergency) during the move period. Why? Because my computer will be unplugged during the move until we set back up at the new house. And what a house it is! Anyway...

More good news, this time for you! Today marks the END of this chapter! That's right! If you were just plain tired of seeing these mugs faces, fear no more! More SuperMilo is coming your way starting NEXT SATURDAY!!!!

Also, to encourage commenting, would you prefer one colored update per week or two black and white updates per week? Wanted to know if anyone wanted the story sped up. I partly do and partly don't. Faster means we get where we are going faster, but slower means I have less stress on me and less of a work load.

Anyway, see panel #5? That's continuity from SuperMilo's case file several pages back. The random mugger is someone we might see occassionally from time to time.

Until next time!
Hey, all!

Today's installment of SuperMilo is one of which I think the coloring came out very well. I hope the text isn't too small to read - it is quite a mouth full!

In this one I wanted to show the reader a little bit of Arachnerd and Black Gnat's personalities. More so Arachnerd, although we do see here more of Black Gnat's similarities with Batman. Yes, Black Gnat is my non-copyright infringing vehicle for making fun of our beloved Dark Knight. Anyway, this is definitely an Arachnerd moment. Black Gnat doesn't trust our new "hero" and his friends, but Arachnerd is more accepting; he is a peaceful, scientific minded individual who is willing to give the misunderstood a chance.

Arachnerd here, as you might notice, mentions Darwin. This is done more-so for the humor, but I suppose it does speak of his beliefs. Being mutated from a spider into a man-spider, and being turned onto the wonders of modern science, he might find meaning or purpose in Darwinism. Yes, some of the characters do have religions in my comics which won't be revealed until it is appropriate (for example, Black Gnat may be Catholic, which is another lost aspect of the Batman character due to Frank Miller, etc). I feel that world views are inescapable - we all have them whether we realize it or not - and that they should be celebrated and shared in appropriate ways. I'm not sure, then, whether or not Arachnerd really is a Darwinist or not, but it seems likely or appropriate. That is however beside the point of today's comic which is simply showing that Arachnerd loves modern science and scientific theory and is more likely to side with the misunderstood mutants and "monsters" of the world, much like himself.

Man, I talk too much. I should totally just let my comics speak for themselves.

We're almost done with the Poetry With Stripes chapter! By the way, I might rename this chapter to "Shades of Blue," named after the first strip in the chapter. We'll see.

We'll wrap up this chapter NEXT Saturday! So stay tuned! After that - MORE SuperMilo being SuperMilo! :-)
Ta-Da! Another one colored! This one was pretty fast and easy to color, after all.

If you haven't figured it out yet, The Black Gnat is the SuperMilo universe's answer to Batman. I can use him to make fun of and fun with familiar Batman jokes and stereotypes. I'm glad that I feel Black Gnat is entirely his own character despite this. I don't know much about Black Gnat yet, but I'm introducing a little of what I've decided today: his sidekick is a fat boy in a legless costume named, "Larvae Lad" (the boy, not the costume). He also works with his maid Winifred who is a parody spoof of both Alfred and the Green Hornet's limo driver (who is awesome) "whatever-his-name-is" (what was his name again?). She however sees this just as a job she answered to from the want-ads. Chances of her fighting like Bruce Lee or being a medic like Alfred are zilch to none. During the day, she's Larvae Lad's nanny who makes him do his homework and gives him grilled cheese sandwiches. If you have a job opening, she might just leave those weirdos to take it, ha ha.

The two characters appear here in the not-yet-named in strip, "Gnat Pond," the soggy and damp secret hideout of The Black Gnat. Oh my gosh!

If you missed it, the Gnatmobile appeared in a photo of Tigger's case file. It is fully designed and drawn in my sketch books and will appear during the origin story series within the main Misadventures of SuperMilo series. Which may or may not come soon! Dun dun dunnnn!

If you like what you see, please comment! Thanks! See you next Saturday!